in Spite of good grades in school Knaus (28) was for David to give clear great SG always: “I want to the construction!” After his apprenticeship as a carpenter, he makes career in construction. As a skilled carpenter and timber construction polished, he owns already their own projects in the case of Baumann & Helbling in give great. By Attracting the customers to the accounting he does everything himself. “This versatility appeals to me,” he says to VIEW.

compared To academics, he is neither in awe or jealousy. “Even though I was one of the best Sekschüler of my class, I opted for a doctrine,” says Knaus, “With our dual education system, it is also open at any time, nor to make a study.” He has but rather a further development of the timber polished face.

6000 francs per month, according to the embodiment

A craft apprenticeship, David Knaus, feels as a good Foundation stone to a professional life and build. “I can recommend it to every young person warmly to learn a lesson in consideration. Even if the parents would prefer, if the offspring is a doctor.”

Finally, the Büez should give pleasure and be satisfying. To do “something in order to please others, that is Wrong,” says the trained as a carpenter, earned after the training of around 6,000 Swiss francs per month.

“construction workers don’t whistle women”

Everything he likes but on the construction. The young craftsmen of the prejudices to interfere with his fellow members. “That all tradesmen are uneducated, unkempt types, and the women, wolf-whistling, can I deny only,” says Knaus.

to All who doubt whether to do an apprenticeship, or the academic path, he advises: “with a day on the construction site, with works. You will see how satisfying and versatile the work is.”