This prejudice continues to be prevalent: The prospects for a decent salary on construction sites and in workshops are low, office jobs are paid usually better.

industry representatives disagree vehemently. “We pay attractive wages that can keep up thanks to the steep career opportunities with higher education levels,” says Matthias Engel from the Swiss Federation of master Builders to VIEW.

His Association advertises the “best artisan wages” in construction. “Here, you can climb quickly, such as for polishing or foreman. After a few years, it has says responsibility on major construction projects”, angel. A polished earn, on average, 7700 francs a month.

“The challenging activities are just as attractive and well-paid as the job of high-school graduates.” Other industry representatives speak of up to 10,000 francs a month, which could earn a project Manager on the construction.

For construction, shall apply to the significantly higher minimum wages than in other industries. They range from 4765 francs a month for a carpenter up to 5553 Swiss francs in the construction industry (masons, road-builders, Pflästerer). These Numbers, according to the Federation of master Builders for professionals with Swiss Federal certificate (EFZ).

artisans earn a 71’500 Swiss francs a year

According to the Swiss wage structure survey for the previous year, the monthly Median gross wage for craft and related occupations 5848 francs (men) and 4769 francs (women). The median wage is the middle wage. Say: one half of the studied group of people earned more, the other less than the above-mentioned wage.

The annual gross income of an employee craftsman is 71’500 Swiss francs. Although this is significantly less than managers (106 000 Swiss francs) last year-deserved. The “academic professions” and “technicians and associate professions” with a Median income of 83’000 and 73’500 Swiss francs. The latter is only marginally higher than in the case of the craftsmen.