It would have to be a big Feast for fighter jet Fans. The flight of the Swiss air force demonstrations at the so-called Axalp-Demo tomorrow, Thursday, in Brienz BE, but had to be cancelled at short notice. The reason: cracks were found in the flaps of the fighter jets F/A-18C/D Hornet.

The commander of the air force has ordered as an immediate measure, flight restriction for the F/A-18 Hornet, as well as the Review of all F/A-18 aircraft. Specifically, this means: There is no flight demonstrations close to the ground, as long as the Review of the Jets is not completed. In addition, a minimum flight altitude of around 1’000 feet above the ground shall apply.

Not the air police service is affected. For such operations, the F/A-18 aircraft could lift off furthermore, the Swiss Federal Department of defense Department on Wednesday evening.

is Not the first crack

The Swiss army has about 30 F/A-18. Five of them doubles, are. Already at the beginning of February 2018, the air force, five F/A had to a-18 due to cracks up to March 2018 in grounden. These also had cracks, but the wing flaps. Also at that time the whole fleet was subjected to a Review.

In February, 2019, it was found to a structural part of the upper fuselage of an F/A 18C is a crack. The air force has ordered, in turn, the Review of all the F/A 18. There are no further cracks were discovered. (pma/SDA)