Cowicide said wrong PACE

the Senator from Crimea Olga Cowicide condemned the new PACE resolution, which calls for Russia to “abolish the annexation of the Peninsula”.

According to her, this decision does not contribute to normalization and cohesion of the international community and only adds to the situation of conflict that can be solved with the achievement of new agreements. She also pointed to the fact that the PACE, declaring respect for human rights, recognizes the right of people to self-determination. Cowicide reminded that reunification with Russia was not only reflects the opinion of Crimeans, but also consistent with international law.

She expressed confidence that all negative decisions in Europe against Crimea will eventually be condemned by the international community.

“I’m sure that the error that is due to the current political situation will be resolved,” — told RIA Novosti Cowicide.

on Thursday, the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution which called on Russia to return Crimea back to Ukraine.