Pandemic coronavirus can help the revival of the “Islamic state”. About how precisely to what extent and where the expert says “the Spark” Andrey Serenko, head of the Center for the study of Afghan politics.Andrei Serenko,”the Coronavirus is a soldier of Allah…”. Posters with such savage inscription on the background of the tower of London and types of Chicago decorated the propaganda accounts of the “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in Russia.— “O”) in the midst of a pandemic COVID-19, at the beginning of April.Why new battle slogan? Experts are sure that it’s not about jihadist activities, and strategy. The goal is not just to urge supporters not to be distracted from the mission for fear of a dangerous virus; it’s about how to try to use it as a mobilization incentive. “Hit them when they least expect it” — so the agitators of the “Caliphate” in the UK, for example, make it clear that the pandemic is a good reason to intensify the “Jihad in the name of Allah”. How? Yes, at least nacelles on the infidels on the street…Infection as missioninsite pandemic in a short time changed the world is bigger and stronger than we have time to understand and observe. Governments of the leading countries of the world is almost fully occupied with internal Affairs — tightening control on the borders, and ensure that citizens once again not left the house. Now not to counter terrorism abroad, and there is every reason to believe that this situation drags on: after exiting modes more or less strict isolation the authorities of the countries that led the opposition to terrorism, going to be busy with restoration of economy and social sphere, reform of health systems will require large resources and power resources. Therefore, in the international projects like the fight against the ISIS threat Western donors to spend large sums, most likely, will not. But how long can last without external support, for example, the same Iraqi security forces? Now they can not cope with the intensification of the underground army of ISIS (according to various estimates, the number of soldiers of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria today ranges from 25 to 40 thousand people).But “charged for Jihad” supporters of ISIS, the Taliban, “al-Qaeda”, “Lashkar-e-Taipei” and a dozen banned terrorist organizations coronavirus not discouraged. Propaganda sheikhs of different versions of Jihad over the past three months have proposed three options for religious justification of the reasons for the emergence of a pandemic. Let us examine them in the order in which they were received.Originally COVID-19 seemed jihadist thinkers of God, sent to punish “the infidels”. So, in the middle of spring, a theory promoted by the ideologists of the “Islamic state”, according to which Allah is with coronavirussa punishes four biggest oppressors of Muslims. “Let’s see, where most cases and deaths from a terrible, unknown infection, was mentioned in the promoters of IG.— First, it is atheistic and Communist China, which pursued and killed the Muslim Uighurs. Second, Christian Italy, where the residence of the Pope, the leader of the crusaders — the eternal enemies of Islam. Thirdly, Zionist America, ruled by Jews and whose army for many decades, kills the Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries. Fourth, it is Shiite Iran persecuting Sunni Muslims in Iraq and Syria.” According to interpretations of the sheikhs of Jihad, COVID-19 became a way of punishing the “infidels” and “rapidito-Shia”, which was put on them by Allah.Then probably as the spread of the virus, preachers, jihadists began to focus on the fact that the pandemic is not only a punishment of “kafir” (“infidels”), but also an important test for the Muslims. It is noteworthy that with this interpretation dangerous infection agree as ISIS sheikhs and mullahs of the Taliban — the hard competitors on the ideological market of the global Jihad. So, on 18 March, the Taliban issued a special statement “the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” (IEA, self-Taliban.— “On”) “On combating coronavirus”. In this curious document contained not only the assessment but also recommendations for correct responses to the epidemic. “The coronavirus is a disease prescribed by Almighty Allah that may have been sent by God because of disobedience and sins of mankind, or for other reasons. Our Muslim nation should consider this disease, predestination, and to deal with it in accordance with the teachings of the Holy prophet”.At the same time with the Taliban, their “Sharia recommendations” according to the COVID-19 published and ideologists of the “Islamic state”, concerned to encourage his armies. According to the sheikhs of the IG, the coronavirus is not just “punishment for those who decided to inflict his Allah, but at the same time, the mercy for the believer”. Moreover, advocates of the “Caliphate” promised his supporters that Allah the death of a Muslim from the coronavirus is equivalent to the death of “Mujahid” on the battlefield, that is, in both cases, the action of the IG becomes a “Martyr” with all kinds of other privileges.According to them, the coronavirus is not only a punishment for “infidels” and mercy for the believers, but also “soldier of Allah” resource “Jihad” — a word, an ally of the jihadists in the fight against “infidels”. And, apparently, the third version of the explanation of the “mission of the coronavirus” is for the followers of “Jihad” main.Resuscitation of the “Caliphate”Statistics shows that the pandemic COVID-19 actually meansLa reanimation “Islamic state” in the area of their traditional habitat — Iraq and Syria. Starting in January 2020 on Iraqi and Syrian territory steadily growing number of terrorist attacks organized earlier gone underground groups and “sleeping jamaati” IG.So, if in January, a militant “Caliphate” in the vast from Baghdad to Damascus, made of 88 attacks, in February there have been 93 in March to 101 in April — 151. It is noteworthy that only in the last week of April in Iraq and Syria ISIS made a of 44 shares, which killed 82 people. There is no doubt that before the may statistics, all these numbers will be darkened only for the first week of this month, the militants held in Iraq and Syria, 74 shares, which killed and injured about 140 people. This is still an absolute “record” 2020…we are, however, not only about the middle East. In just the first week of may in seven the “Vilayat” (conditional provinces) of the “Caliphate” by militants was committed 88 acts of terrorism, the victims were more than 200 people. It is significant that on the third place after Iraq and Syria on the level of terrorist activity came the “Vilayat” of ISIS in Western and Central Africa: the worst things in Nigeria and Mozambique, where in some areas apropiately behave like owners. So, on may 7, the militants burned down two Christian churches in the city Galati (Borno state, North-Eastern Nigeria), fired mortar shells at the barracks of the Nigerian army in the town of Guneri (Yobe state), and may 8, attacked the army convoy, seizing the truck and the truck with weapons and ammunition. Clashes with the regular army are not uncommon in Mozambique: there this spring stormed the barracks, seized the city… Judging by the “official” battle reports of the ISIS, the “Caliphate” there are eight active “Vilayat”, which conducted the active terrorist operation. Four of them, i.e. half of the African continent, which developed world in the era of the pandemic recalls infrequently.Experts on international terrorism, by virtue of these classifications predict: that in Africa one should expect attempts of building a new “Caliphate” under the scheme “basic” of the “Islamic state” that existed in 2013?2017 on the territory of Iraq and Syria. And I emphasize: pandemic coronavirus, distracting attention, energy and resources of the absolute majority of countries of the world, will play an important role.The reason for verbovka April, there have been numerous cases of attempted recruitment of people from Turkmenistan and other Central Asian republics in Turkey. “After the introduction of strict quarantine measures in Turkey labour migrants from Turkmenistan have remained without work and without means of subsistence,— says a source “the Spark” familiar with the situation.— Hundreds of people eke out a half-starved�� existence. The recruiters, IG they offer to go to “work” in neighboring Syria, promising thousands of dollars a month. For desperate people a lot of money. And obviously, if the crisis and quarantine in the near future will not weaken, we should expect a large influx of willing from among the citizens of Turkmenistan and other republics of the former USSR to go to earn a Jihad.”The situation is easy to project to other countries. Work for migrants is currently not in Russian cities, the opportunities for earnings in Russia reduced to a minimum, and to return home to immigrants from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan extremely difficult, especially since to go nowhere — the problem of unemployment escalated dramatically in all Central Asian republics. According to experts, coronavirus crisis created a favorable environment for radicalization of young Muslims, who are left without means of subsistence in a foreign country to them, it can cause the creation of a jihadist “Jamaat” not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where traditionally settles a lot of migrant workers, but also in the Siberian cities, where in recent years actively sought to work the citizens of the CIS countries. Moreover, the promoters of the IG and “al-Qaeda” (an organization banned in Russia) have recently been trying to actively promote the theme of “Siberia as a native Muslim lands” which before the arrival of Ermak rules “blessed” Khan Kuchum — “Emir of the first Siberian Islamic state”…significant in this sense that the problems with migrants from Central Asia are already experiencing in European countries, in particular in Germany, Poland, Austria. Local security forces have identified supporters from among the citizens of Tajikistan: it is alleged that they were preparing terrorist attacks against American troops. The action, luckily, was averted, but the threat is real. Another thing that’s real and the responses to it: new conditions, which were the world for months, maybe years, as well as new priorities of internal security creates a revolutionary new space for cooperation of special services of Russia, USA, EU countries and Central Asia. Moreover, despite existing geopolitical contradictions, the Russians, the Americans and the Europeans for jihadists, which was activated in a pandemic, have only one marking — “infidels” who are subject to physical destruction.Afghanistan as laboratoriesthe and another dimension. The concept COVID as “the test of grace and instruments of God” being preached today by various jihadist groups, has led to the fact that supporters of ISIS, the Taliban, “al-Qaeda” and other terrorist organizations completely ignore the problem of the pandemic in the Muslim world in a practical way — their to.NGOs don’t care about the protection of life and health of believers.For example, in Afghanistan, where they remain a strong presence of Taliban, their leaders only demonstrate a willingness to fight the epidemic of the coronavirus, which came into the country from neighboring Iran. A few weeks ago, speakers of the Taliban published a statement in which expressed readiness to fight the pandemic and called on the international organizations like “Doctors without borders” to assist the inhabitants of those areas under Taliban control. But in Afghanistan do not believe it.— It is no more than propaganda, comment competent sources of “Spark” in Kabul.— Controlled by the Taliban territories completely destroyed the medical infrastructure. This consciously for many years engaged the insurgents themselves, who chased and killed the doctors, trying to establish prevention and vaccinations to children. In April 2019, the Taliban were expelled from areas controlled by all who staff and representatives of the International red cross. Over the past six months, for example, they shut down dozens of medical institutions in the province of Maidan-Wardak, which is sponsored by a Swedish charity organization. A few months ago a Taliban suicide bomber detonated in Zabul province, a local hospital may 12th was a terrorist attack on a hospital and a maternity hospital in Kabul, killing children, women and doctors. Although the Taliban and refused to take responsibility for this crime, there is good reason to suspect in the attack is “Taliban”.According to official data, today in Afghanistan with the coronavirus fell ill about 3.5 thousand people, more than 100 of them died. However, these statistics cannot be considered complete. “Recently, on a random sample in the country was tested 500 people, the virus COVID-19 was detected in half”— says a source “the Spark” in Kabul. According to experts, sick coronavirus pneumonia can more than 10 million Afghans to die — hundreds of thousands.— Vaccines against this infection, limit its spread only through awareness, compliance with the most rigid quarantine. However, the Afghans, accustomed to other, more tangible threats, in this regard, frivolous— complain Kabul sources of “Spark”.Additional danger, say local doctors, creates a coincidence of the acute phase of the pandemic with Ramadan: immunity Afghans and so it is not the strongest, and food restriction in the post and completely unnerving. While the faithful Afghans not so much afraid of the disease itself, as the prospect of not being buried according to Muslim traditions. As you know, deaths from coronavirus of people buried without an ablution not at the traditional grave, and in the trenches to a depth of eight meters, falling asleep on top of layers of quicklime. Such a funeral is unacceptable to veruyuschi��go Muslim. Therefore, the sources of fire, even doctors often conceal the fact of their infection to death to be buried according to Islamic tradition.Contracted — hug frugality from coronavirus cases co-religionists, the jihadists of ISIS, the Taliban and other terrorist groups are not going to, but to use those already infected in their purpose, they seem fine. It is known that in March the commanders of the Pakistani extremist organization “Lashkar-e-Taiba” urged his infected COVID-19 supporters to infect officials, law enforcement officers, foreigners. For that, they were invited to visit crowded places, go to various institutions in contact with the largest possible number of “enemies of the Jihad and of Islam.”In the same Pakistan in February-March, the activists of the banned organization in the Russian Federation “Tablig Jamaat” were crowded religious conventions, deliberately exposing the threat of infection with coronavirus thousands of participants. It was assumed that an infected then the infection will spread to neighboring countries — India, Afghanistan, Central Asian republics. Of course, the introduction of quarantine measures countries in the region are not allowed to implement these plans fully, but the attempt is quite remarkable.To turn infected COVID-19 supporters of radical Islam in a live biological bomb, capable of destroying the “infidels”, is just one of the unusual attempts to put into practice the motto of “Coronavirus soldiers of Allah”, and she adopted not only the Pakistani radicals. Recommendations have been trying recently to give its supporters in Egypt, activists in the Russian Federation banned organization “Muslim brotherhood”. Russian propagandists IG also recommend that infected the “crown” supporters “to attack the infidels” in all available places. In this regard, you may recall how a few years ago, the information resource of the jihadists urged supporters of the “Caliphate” to pour toxic chemicals into open food products in Russian supermarkets. In short, the interest of the followers of “Jihad” to use “biological weapons walking distance” is, and now it can be converted to attempts of infection in cities where there are “incorrect”. The question of what and how to oppose this remains open.