COVID-19: Saudi Arabia imposed a curfew

In accordance with the decree of the king of Saudi Arabia Salman, Monday, March 23, in the country a curfew — a prohibition on the movement for urban residents to act in order to combat the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 within 21 days from 7 PM to 6 am.

the Monitoring of compliance with curfew falls on the interior Ministry. From the application of restrictive measures are derived staff of the civil defence services, strategic facilities members of the security forces, military personnel and journalists, healthcare workers, which have to be constantly at their jobs, reports TASS.

Earlier in the Kingdom have been cancelled all entertainment and sporting events planned summits and conferences, and from March 15 suspended for two weeks an international air service. It was also announced the termination of mass prayers in all the mosques, and on March 20 was closed indefinitely two Holy shrines of Islam — the Grand mosque in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

In recent days, Saudi Arabia has increased dramatically the number of infections with coronavirus: according to the Institute Johns Hopkins, in different parts of the Kingdom for more than 500 cases.