Meeting of scientists from Russia and USA, which should be discussed in a joint mission to Venus, postponed from October 2020 to February 2021. This was told by a leading researcher of the space research Institute of RAS Lyudmila Bolt.

According to her, the decision was made because of the pandemic coronavirus. Now the cooperation between scientists of the two countries continues in the format of teleconference. In October, instead of face to face meetings will be held online-conference, RIA Novosti reported.

In the years 2027-2029 planned launch of the spacecraft “Venera-D”. He will study the atmosphere of Venus, its surface, internal structure and surrounding plasma. According to Sasovo, the organization of this mission more difficult than running such stations on Mars. The reason for the physical parameters on the surface of Venus: the temperature is nearly 500 degrees Celsius and a pressure of about 100 atmospheres.

In the new Russian-American missions “Venera-D” will be used the basic design of the Soviet landing station. “We use the station “Venera/VEGA”, because it is a perfect machine, just the appliances are modern put on it,” said Bolt.

the Soviet Union conducted 10 successful landings on Venus. In June marked 35 years since the landers of the Soviet VEGA-1 and VEGA-2 began the descent from orbit of Venus to its surface.