Australian scientists have described a “perfect adaptation” of coronavirus to humans. Now they are looking for the answer to the question about the “artificial” character of its origin.

According to the scientist Flinders University Nicholas petrowski, best virus attaches to human cells, and therefore in the world, over five million infected, writes “” referring to the newspaper Daily Mail. A scientist, testing the theory of the penetration of the virus into the body of some animals came to the surprising conclusion that the most prone to infected person, not bats, as previously assumed.

“the Virus needs time to evolve, and from the coronavirus was a perfect fit for human infection,” said petrowski. He stressed that his discovery suggests the questions about the “artificial” character of its origin.

Earlier, the international team of scientists has managed to recreate COVID-19 in the laboratory. Scientists created the virus exhibit the same properties as the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the American TV channel Fox News, citing sources, reported that the first patient cases COVID-19 in Wuhan, worked in the laboratory of the Institute of Virology. After that, the President of the United States Donald trump said on the need to bring China to justice, if there was evidence that the Republic is intentionally contributed to the spread of coronavirus infection.