COVID-19 forces to introduce new restrictions

because of coronavirus in the world produce more and more bans. Thus, the administration of USA recommends that Americans avoid travel around the country and not go to food service establishments. The French President announced that since March 17, the month closed EU border: this shall not travel between the EU and non-European countries. For the French had restricted movement on the streets, and follow this will 100 thousand police officers.

Closed their borders and Colombia, in Venezuela, the quarantine across the country, and the Tunisian authorities announced the closure of airspace.

the head of the world health organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “At the moment, worldwide, more cases and deaths from the coronavirus in China. In all countries rapidly reduce their social activity, cancel classes in schools and public events. But these measures are not enough. As soon as possible to track the contacts of infected with other people. And it is extremely important to take care of its own security, at least to wash their hands often and to isolate itself”.

Meanwhile, the Italian journalists said that the European Union left Italy and refused to help her in this difficult situation. Deputy chief editor of the newspaper Repubblica has accused Brussels that he didn’t even want to establish production of protective masks and gloves, that is, in essence, “has left Italy alone with a ruthless killer coronavirus”.

And in the US, the Pentagon admitted that his resources for Americans are extremely limited: in the order of the Ministry, only 36 hospitals and beds are there in total, 50 times less than in private American hospitals.