alli Sims/Britney Spears.

the 38-year-old Britney Spears continues trying to free himself from the tutelage of his father, Jamie Spears, who was officially appointed her guardian in 2008. Recently on the subject called the cousin of the star and her former personal assistant alli Sims.

She wrote a few comments under file the Spears published on one of the fan pages of the singer. In this photo from the advertising campaign perfume Believe Britney posing next to a caged bird. According to alli, this idea for photography was conceived by singer for a reason.

Britney Spears

She came up with this concept, to know that she was then, as now, is in a cage and has no personal freedom! Her only freedom was the belief in myself. Life in a cage began at Britney after the father became her guardian

— written by Allie.

Review of the Sims, which has long been very close with the singer and participated in all its Affairs, angered the already concerned this theme fans. Even the other day the fans protested after the next prolongation of the custody of Britney (in September of last year, the father-star gave all the rights of guardianship over the daughter of an old associate of the singer Jody Montgomery, but in fact continued to participate in all spheres of life Britney).

alli Sims and Britney Spears

In response to this decision fans have launched a flash mob under the hashtag #freebritney (free Britney. — Approx. ed.) demanding the return of the singer the freedom and to save her from guardianship. Fans even created a petition in which asked to allow Spears to choose her own lawyer in custody.

2008 Britney is under conservatorship. Her guardian Jamie Spears got her life under complete control: he disposes of her body, finances and property. Guardians usually need to mentally ill people or those in a coma. It’s safe to say that, having made four round-the-world tour, Britney is made enough to feed and clothe themselves, the petition reads.

Britney and Jamie Spears