the Court in Viborg has delivered its judgment via video in the rarely big narkosag. Six men got judgment in pre-trial detention centres.

the Two men on Monday to each have been sentenced to imprisonment for 16 years in a narkosag, as the Court in Viborg has treated over a series of hearings.

one is a Dutch citizen with residency in Silkeborg, and the other is a Ukrainian man, who does not live in Denmark. The two are, respectively, Rustam Gusneev of 31 years and Oleksandr Dmytruk at 30.

the Case involves the smuggling of cocaine in large quantities from the Netherlands. A total of six men indicted in the case, which was initiated by the court in december.

the Indictment contained an allegation of a total of 93 kilos of cocaine, and the court has found sufficient evidence for the charge – a single kilos. On each smuglertur had couriers of a kilogram with.

Usually handed down judgments in court hearings where the accused is present. But because of the coronavirusset is Monday occurred on a different way.

The accused men have been with their defenders in the pre-trial detention centres, where they are remanded in custody. Via a video link to the court they have been presented for the conclusion.

The two carriers are according to the judgment, Ukrainian Petro Koberniuk, that brought 51 pounds to Denmark, while the other is Mykola Nevoda, who has 41 pounds on his conscience.

Koberniuk is sentenced to a tillægsstraf of nine years, which must be added to a previous sentence of four years. Nevoda is punished with imprisonment for 13 years.

Five of the convicted men have immediately appealed to the high court to obtain an acquittal, while the sixth, Petro Koberniuk, have chosen to take time for reflection, with regard to possibly to appeal.

the Smuggling stretched according to the indictment, from October 2017 to June 2018. In a major action in december 2018 slippage in the Middle – and West zealand Police, in cooperation with other police to the arrest of several of the suspects.

Two of the now convicted Ukrainian men were arrested in Poland, where they were handed over to Denmark.

The syrian men Mohammed Jalal, as a Muslim and Tarek Alkhoder is punished with imprisonment for a term of 11 years and 9 years and 3 months. They are found to have handled a portion of the smuggled drugs.

All of the convicted have also been expelled from Denmark.

As an offshoot of the affair is in the past a 54-year-old woman from the English been convicted of helping to wash a part of the yield white.

the Woman had his own little vekselbureau and handled here 5,8 black million crowns, the Court took the view in Kolding, which in October last year sentenced her to imprisonment for two years.