Brussels –

A Romanian truck driver (over 50) who are in the country aimed at is to tax fraud, which is a Brussels examining magistrate, subject to conditions, is released as he is at this time to be more useful to us outside of the cell, behind bars.

as a former officer of the Rumanian army made a few years ago, and the transition to the private sector, in particular, to the transport. But that goofy, he’s a Romanian public budget due to tax fraud to a value of less than € 500,000. The judge was not amused and sentenced the former officer to 9 years in prison.

The sentencing occurred in absentia, as a former military man week in 2017, with a wife and child to canada. When he heard that Romania is to him, convicted and sentenced to 9 years in prison, but the truck driver is at the police station. Shortly after that, he stood up for the judge. But, the truck driver will not go to the prison, but go back to the house. For someone with the job “is, in this day and age of coronabeperkingen is essential to the supply chain in our country at the right level to do so. The only condition: A must not be in the place of residence may change. But that’s the ex-military man, nor does it intend to, he will even be his punishment, rather, in our country live.

go Back to the club.

in fact, this is also the wish of Italy which, in our country, was taken up, after that the Italian government has an arrest warrant against him was issued. The person takes a stand against his detention due to health reasons. He will have to go to the club to be placed in the area of the corona disease outbreak in Italy. And he doesn’t want to go. The court cut next to the knot.