splashing It, chirps, hums, and Free of chirps in a dream garden of Henry and his wife Beatrice. “This is a blackcap,” says garden owner Free of the chirping of a bird, in the secluded garden Paradise in the Zurich Oberland a sample of his singing the Best. Who is a guest in the garden of the couple you can see a lot about the plant and animal world to learn. It crawls in and crawls in almost every area of the garden, and the couple passes on his extensive garden knowledge during the tour and a coffee on the terrace in detail.

From the family garden to the garden of the diversity of species

in 1979, Heinrich was able to build Freely on the property of his grandfather, adjacent to an old barn for his family a house. For two children there were at the time, willow huts, trees, playgrounds and sandpit in the garden. There is also a vegetable garden with berries and fruit trees, the young family belonged to. “The more time I found, in addition to the children and the household then for the garden,” says Beatrice Frei. Heinrich Free notary with a private trust office, and the garden was a Hobby in the rare leisure of the father.

Over the years, not only have the two children, but also the stock of flowers, trees and shrubs. The family garden is slowly become a garden landscape, with different thematic areas. The children have long since moved out, and the couple has since then, over sufficient time to deal with a lot of passion and heart blood to the 3000 square meters large garden. Boring it will not work the couple, with all the costs of the garden. “We take but also enough time for hours in our garden,” says Heinrich. One of the shadow of cookies, he NAPs likes to hold the occasional lunch or drink with his wife a Cup of tea.

The diversity of species of plants and animals in the garden of Freis is remarkable, as on the tour, with the couple shows. What was once a hedge has become a small forest with a forest road. There hedgehog find, and blind-worm or raccoon shelter. Also several bees hotels are found there. 101 various wild bees, Bumble bees and wasps, was recently able to assign one of the Freis officer, a biologist at the ETH. “Biodiversity is very important to me,” says Heinrich. Accordingly, the couple has designed the garden so that practically the whole of the year seasonal plants are in bloom in your oasis and insects to attract.

creativity and the intensive garden maintenance

For the garden design is, primarily, the now-retired Henry Free of charge. Have inspired him and countless books on garden design and species diversity. “Heinrich is the more Creative of us. The Gardening we do together,” says Beatrice. Approximately 30 hours per week – depending on weather and season – the Couple, on average, in your garden of Paradise. You will be rewarded with a true colors, and flowers. An alarm clock, a Pensioner does not need Free. The chirping of the birds attracted him mostly in the morning. Heinrich-Free: “most of the time we walk with a Cup of tea in Hand early in the Morning through the garden and discuss what garden we want to work together to do. It is incredibly beautiful to experience the way nature wakes up.”

When the weather is bad, Henry is Free in his Studio as a sculptor. Some of his sculptures can also be found in the garden area, which is divided into different areas, such as the rock garden, or Alpine garden. In the front area of a variety of hydrangeas are planted, and also different varieties of roses of course not lacking in Freis garden. In the pond, many frogs can have fun while in the rock garden lizards bask in the sun. Your vegetable garden will have to pass Freis a few years ago a friend and neighbor to care for and care only in the case of a vacation absence of the friend, that’s why.

talk shop with garden friends,

has Long made the garden Paradise of the Freis to beyond the country’s borders in a name for the garden friends. Not least because the garden was held in Seegräben in a garden book mention. With Cars already visitors from Germany or the Principality of Liechtenstein are on a pilgrimage to Seegräben. “For those interested in garden lovers, visits and tours are by arrangement occasionally possible,” said the Amateur gardener.

hesitantly, the couple has says Free VIEW for the visit. You want to ensure your garden is neither commercial exploitation nor mass migrations of peoples through their green oasis. Instead, you appreciate the talk shop and exchange with interested garden – and nature friends. “Perhaps one day I might even own one garden book,” says Heinrich. Experience and the picture material of the passionate gardener, has collected over the years, in the meantime, more than enough.