Countryman writer talked about how life was Fyodor Abramov in his native village

House on eel

In the center Varkoly, which stretched a mile one or two streets at a high eel along the Pinega river, stands a modest little house: kitchen, chamber-the office bedroom. Fedor Abramov, together with the fellow built it himself. And every year, summer has arrived here together with his wife Lyudmila Vladimirovna. Came to simply live among ordinary people. Evening night wrote, and in the afternoon wandered around the village, chatted with Vercelli, delved into the state farm case went to weddings-funeral, where initially was a wedding General, and then blended in with the crowd.

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Peniana – people not vain, to the famous countryman was treated with respect, but quickly got used to it and much reverence did not show. Tipsy peasants considered it his duty to pour out the writer’s soul and demanded a report for all authorities combined. A favorite pastime was Verkola (after the next abramovskiy of the novel) to figure out who is who among literary heroes. There is almost always action in the works unfolded in the village Takashino, which is easily recognizable native Verkola.

in the Spring of 1991, eight years after his death, I met in Leningrad Ludmila Vladimirovna and the rights of fellow countryman Feodor Alexandrovich questioned about those summer trips to Verkola.

– He is very dear to the opinion of villagers about yourself even in small everyday issues, – said the widow. – Goes sometimes, and fuck me again in the same suit as last time, people will think that bad live. Very worried that the village whispers went, they say, the writer-the skinny house.

Lyudmila Abramova-Krutikova and Fyodor Abramov in his own garden. Now this place their tomb.An open letter

However, relations with fellow countrymen Abramov have not always been kindly neighborly. Went-went writer in the village, watched the morals Yes, orders at the farm, Yes the village and erupted in August 1979 open letter to his countrymen in the local newspaper “Onega truth” under the title “The live feed”. The author personally to the editor came (I was in it was a young correspondent), followed the layout to a single letter has not changed. But worry was for nothing! Vidnoe whether the case – at almost the developed socialism to compare yields in the near Verkola and Finland, the current corps of deputies of the village (25 people!) and only mayor under the tsarist regime! And poke the villager entities in the eternal puddle in the centre of the village. And relish to describe the stinking calf, called in the village a concentration camp.

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good-hearted northerners read, to gossip (“and it speaks the truth Fedor-away!”*), Yes, and would have tolerated it. But since that letter was born the saying “Mollena on Pinega – backfired across the country.” The letter without the knowledge of the author, removing the sharpness, reprinted in “the Truth”, began the discussion with a bias: “the truth is the truth, but do not thicken…”. To collect signatures of fellow under a letter of protest ten years ago after essay Around, this time is not reached, but the health of the writer “Protestants” took a lot.

I Asked during the meeting Lyudmila Vladimirovna, how did you survive this time, Fyodor.

In those years, ‘ she replied, – one of friends said Abramov, “Well, how can you after such letters to go back to Verkola, to talk with them.” And he sharply replied: “How can people be offended, they didn’t know what I was doing, signing these is composed in a government office letter, it is necessary to be kinder, wiser.”

And four of the summer went Fyodor in his native Verkola, he insisted that collected village Assembly to discuss the situation, organized a meeting with readers in the district, where they discussed the problems of national…

Verkola in the Summer immersed in greenery.Epiphany

Died Fyodor in may of 1983. Two aircraft from Leningrad landed in the district. One with the body and the wreaths, the other with grieving from capitals. We buried him in the garden next to the house on the eel. Hundreds of people flocked, gathered, walked not only from neighboring villages but the far edges closely at the grave verbalize.

the Writer Vladimir Soloukhin, looking at the howling on simple villagers, slashed:

– You, countrymen, I think this hole will accommodate that body! When you vircolici, want to tell the world, you will not be in unison to go out and shout, you give birth to a son, which tells you who is authorized by you in literature, history. This was our Fedor Abramov.

Remember, people were silenced.

Stories of mercalicante Alexandra Andreevna Kopovoy Fedor Abramov often used in his works. Photo: Valery Matytsin / TASS

* the local dialect.