Country (Ukraine): morning battle for Gold. Zelensky gathered the national security Council

on Tuesday, February 18, near city gold the Luhansk region, where the 29 of October last year lit troops began worsening. That’s where autumn went, the President of Ukraine. The nationalists gave him the “corridor of shame”, with the result that he was forced to say, “not goof”. Then, the radicals have declared that will still leave not going.

As the headquarters of the environmental protection, the separatists launched an offensive. Made a statement and Vladimir Zelensky. In “LNR” claim that works subversive group, there is destruction among the civilian infrastructure. At 12 o’clock on Bank held a briefing, which we will detail.

11:48 Today in new York held a meeting of the UN security Council in connection with the fifth anniversary of the Minsk agreements, the convening of which was initiated by Russia. The meeting will begin at 15:00 local time (22:00 Kyiv time) and will focus on Ukraine.

11:30 , Ukraine’s foreign Ministry urged the international community to condemn the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. “Very concerned about the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass after the last Russian attack. The use of prohibited weapons led to a new wave of victims. This latest violation of the agreements reached at the meeting, “Norman Quartet.” We urge the international community to condemn this escalation,” — said in the message of the representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

11:05 Poroshenko Supports volunteer Miroslav gay writes that the APU return artillery in gold.

11:00 Today morning held a meeting of the NSDC. Thereafter, at 12:00, the scheduled briefing with the participation of national security Council Secretary Alexei Danilov, the leadership of the armed forces, Ministry of internal Affairs and security service of Ukraine.

10:55 Ukraine has lost two strong points in a the course of the escalation in the Donbas. This was reported by MP from “European solidarity” Irina Gerashchenko and asked him to call the Parliament of the Minister of defence that he reported about the situation at the front.

10:40 Become aware of the loss of the APU and the separatists in the fighting under the Golden. According to the Ministry of environmental protection, from the APU, one died and four were slightly injured. By “LC”: one killed, five seriously injured.

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10:30 Vladimir Zelensky made a statement regarding the escalation on the front. Called it a provocation of the enemy aimed at sabotaging the peace talks. Said NSDC gathers for this reason. But noted that the policy world remains unchanged. “Soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces gave a fitting rebuff to the aggressor. Unfortunately, our side is losing. As of now the battle is completed. It’s not just a cynical provocation, which aims to reopen the debaltsevsky wound that will never fully heal. This is an attempt to derail the peace process in the Donbass, which began to move, though small, but confident steps. Collect today’s meeting of the NSDC. We will discuss and make decisions about next steps. Our policy on ending the war and dedication to international agreements remains unchanged — as well as our determination to repel any manifestations of armed aggression against Ukraine”, — said in a statement.

10:20 The “people’s militia LNR” told me that, in their opinion, occurred on the demarcation line. “Early in the morning around 06.00 subversive group of the enemy consisting of 10 people moved in the direction of the positions of our defenders in the area n. p. Golubovskii. Our observers in a timely manner, revealed the movement of the enemy and continued monitoring of its further actions. When approaching our positions the band was blown up in a minefield, resulting in at least two militants were killed and three wounded,” — said in a statement.

then, with the aim of evacuating the wounded, the shelling began in the direction of Golubovsky, Sokolniki, Donetsk and Bold. “Recorded the destruction of civilian infrastructure, emergency services can’t get to the places of destruction. Civilians forced to hide in the basements of their houses,” say “LC”.

10:10 Message “the LC” about the escalation near the Gold. “Today, 18 Feb 2020, in the period from 06.00 to 09.00 recorded seven violations of the ceasefire from areas controlled by the armed forces of Ukraine of settlements: Kryakivka, krymske, Novotoshkivske, the walnut on the territory of Luhansk national Republic in the direction of settlements: Bold, Sokolniki, Donetsk, Golubovsky with heavy weapons (heavy artillery and mortars)”, — stated in the message of the LPR authorities. According to them, especially from the shelling hit the towns of Kirovsk and Donetsk. Information on victims didn’t arrive.

10:00 an Official statement of the headquarters of the EP on the situation, near Golden, is completely. “This morning, 18 February, armed forces of the Russian Fethe Federation attacked the units of the United forces near settlements Novotoshkovskoe, Orekhovo, Crimea, farm Free. Occupiers are attacks on our defenders of the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons. The enemy uses mortars of caliber of 120 mm. Also the enemy is firing from grenade launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns. Under the fire cover of Russian occupants have passed to active offensive actions and attempted to advance through the line of demarcation. As of now there is a fight. Unfortunately, as a result of enemy attacks on Ukrainian defenders suffered losses. Foreign troops in self-defense give an adequate response to the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the occupiers applied fire damage to suppress their armed activity. Enemy losses are specified”, — is spoken in the statement of the headquarters.

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