Kylie Rae Harris is only 30 years old. The Country singer came in the night to Thursday in a car accident. This is the Management of Harris confirmed the U.S. television channel CNN.

The accident occurred in the southern part of the state of New Mexico. Country Star Harris had been to a gig at a Festival on the go. Your Management writes in a message:

“Everyone who the Kylie knows, knows, how, you, your family, and, in addition, also the music has to be loved. To share your unparalleled enthusiasm for both, there is no better way, than so much love how to distribute it and to listen to music that inspires you.”

Aspiring singer

Kylie Rae Harris was a shining star in the Country sky. The emerging artist has made in the past few months, in Texas and throughout the United States a name.

her singer-colleague Josh Ward grieves on Instagram to the deceased singer: “Kylie, we have loved you all so very much. I can’t even believe it. It is always an honor to have with you on a stage stood.”

The 30-Year-old mother leaves behind a six-year-old daughter. (nim)