the foreign Ministers of the countries “big seven” has opposed the recognition of China as a source of coronavirus pandemic, reports the South China Morning Post.

the Meeting via video conference due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the Ministers agreed on the need for joint efforts to stop the spread of the virus, known as Covid-19.

But American and European diplomats said that the Ministers failed to agree on a call Secretary of state Mike Pompeo called Covid-19 “Wuhan virus”.

the result, just a day after Finance Ministers and Central banks of the G7 countries issued a joint communiqué, the foreign Ministers decided not to make a group statement.

U.S. officials pointed to a statement by the Finance Ministers of disagreement with the message about the fragmentation of the “big seven” and said that the foreign Ministers were not going to release a communique.

representatives of the European parties stated that Pompeo insisted to identify Covid-19 as the “virus in China,” although the world health organization (who) and other countries cautioned against assigning geographical names because of the global nature of the disease.

In recent weeks, Pompeo stepped up the use of the phrase “the virus of Wuhan”, accusing China in the fact that he’s putting the world at risk, not disclosing any details about the outbreak, which was first announced in Wuhan.

President Donald trump, until recently, was often called the Covid-19 “Chinese virus”, but since this week he refused to use such rhetoric, as critics claim they contribute to discriminatory attitudes and behavior against Asians and Asian Americans.