Count how many cars in Russia resold during the year

the Situation on the secondary market, when the car changed owners less than a year after purchase, the experts do not consider something unusual: the statistics affect not only the transaction of so-called “outbid”, but a banal desire to get something fresher.

the study, conducted by one of Russia’s largest marketplaces, has attended more than a million vehicles are added and removed from the market in 2019. It is argued that re-appeared in the sale just less than 20% of the cars that have already been sold, and nearly 4% of new owners resold in the course of the year three times and more.

it is Alleged that slightly more than half of all vehicles involved in the secondary market for the second time during the year, implemented by the car owners. The dealers have 14.5% of all ads posted on the site in 2019, and the dealership, offered for sale used cars is 18%.

According to experts of the newspaper “Kommersant”, the secondary market provides more flexibility to change car on more new with minimal surcharges. The fact that the secondary housing, cars for conditional almost never cheaper (and sometimes even more expensive), while a new car loses part of the price at exactly the moment when it leaves the dealership.

However, the rapid resale of less than one year after purchase by private clients experts believe the exception and associate such behavior with the circumstances close to extreme – loss of a job amid the credit obligations or the deprivation of driving license.

Text: Avtovesti