the proponents of The drinking water and the pesticide Initiative did not get what they wanted – glad you do anyway. The economic Commission of the Council of States has decided to formulate to request no indirect counter-proposal to the two people, which pesticides to ban or at least severely limit.

Instead, you want to come to the initiators, as a compromise, with a statutory pesticide-reduction plan the opposite. And see, what measures will propose to pesticide reduction, the Federal Council in the framework of the future agricultural policy. The message will not be available until the beginning of 2020.

supporters are laughing all the way to the Bank

This means that for the time being, the Council of States pushes the pesticide initiatives on the long Bank – which could play to their supporters in the hands. They hope to have new majorities after the elections in October. A counter-proposal, so your hope could be once again be realistic.

Also, aren’t you pleased, go the hardened Plan of your opponent. “Democracy is questionable strategy of the farmers’ Association, to sell the not-yet-adopted agricultural policy as a counter-proposal to the initiatives is politically failed,” Philippe thigh, agricultural expert at Greenpeace Switzerland. That you do not rejoice so early. Because the political stumbling blocks in number – are still even if they are now slightly moved in the distance. (lha)

With the drinking water and the pesticide Initiative two submissions to the urn, all of which are thematically very similar to come. Therefore, they were treated in the Parliament together, and will be submitted next year on the same date for a vote.

Behind the drinking water Initiative, a group fitness instructor and mother Franziska men’s (52) is. You want only the farmers receiving direct payments, which do not use pesticides. In addition, you must provide the animals with farm-grown feed and cannot use antibiotics prophylactically. The pesticide Initiative, a citizens Committee from the West of Switzerland, is even more extreme and want a complete ban on the use of synthetic pesticides. It should also apply to imports.

The Federal Council rejects both initiatives and also wanted to formulate a counter-proposal. He warns that the initiatives could be counterproductive – for example, because farmers get out of the direct payment system, and then more, instead of less pesticides would be used.