If on 2. December of this year, the newly elected Parliament comes to the Start of the winter session, for the first time, is the Council of States in terms of personnel to recognize. Because almost half of the 46-member Stöckli no longer occurs in the fall elections.

such A vein, there were in the past two decades, never more. 21 Ständeräte withdraw safely – Karin Keller-Sutter (55, FDP), who last December was elected to the Federal Council, is already gone.

Lombardi is still covered

The only Council of States, has not decided yet, is the one who resides the longest in the Stöckli: almost twenty years of CVP group, chef Filippo Lombardi (62, TI) sits in the small chamber. He waits for the results of the Ticino Parliament elections, which are only today, Monday known. Yesterday’s Ticino government elections do not end with a result that would make a candidacy of Lombardi as a “CVP-Saviour” absolutely indispensable. CVP-Council of state Paolo Beltrami Nelli (57) has to make his party colleague, Mr De Rosa (46) Raffaele place, but the party may hold its seat. With national councillor Fabio Regazzi (56) is also a Lombardi-replacement with good opportunities waiting in the wings.

heads will roll weakens the Power of the Council of States

The human bloodletting in the Council of States political consequences. Because in the past few years, the big political issues were suppressed, the stamp is often in the commissions of the small chamber. About the AHV-tax-Deal, the nuclear phase-out, or the implementation of the mass immigration Initiative.

With the departure of many experienced politicians, who have for years worked closely together and behind the Scenes, the strings pulled, this will be in the next legislature in this scope possible. The Council of States will temporarily lose Power when alpha animals such as the Lucerne, Konrad Graber (60, CVP), the girl from Basel, Switzerland Anita Fetz (62, SP), the Aargauer Philipp Müller (66, FDP) or the Thurgauer Roland Eberle (65, SVP) assign. Because in most of the important commissions – such as those for the environment, education, transport or social security – assigns almost half of the members.

SP-resignations reduce the quota of women in the Stöckli

hardest of all, the resignation wave hits the SP: Seven of the twelve Ständeräte back. Your four stalls councillors – Pascale Bruderer (41, AG), Anita Fetz (62, BS), Liliane Maury Pasquier (62, GE) and Géraldine Savary (50, VD) – go in corpore. Well possible that the social Democrats can keep their twelve seats, those in Aargau and Basel-land shaking violently.

Meticulously self-woman conveyor party called: female representation in the Stöckli will likely decrease. Just last week, SP group chief Roger Nordmann (46) showed himself as a lady killer and announced his candidacy in the Vaud country. So, he follows the national Council, Mr Cédric Wermuth (33), who defeated in the Aargau his Mitkonkurrentin Yvonne Feri (53) and many in front of the head joined.

After all: Two SP-women – Eva Duke (57) in Basel and Elisabeth Baume-Schneider (55) in the Jura mountains – is expected to succeed the way into the Stöckli. In addition, the SP sets a new castle on a female double ticket.

CVP and the FDP struggling to the majority of the Stöckli

A hot race with CVP before, in particular if the some pundits predicted voters shrinkage is a fact. If Lombardi should resign, must be party leader, Gerhard Pfister (56), six of the 13 SVP-replace the seats. Occasional losses are possible – such as in the home country of Lucerne, if SVP national councillor Franz Grüter (55) dare the duel with CVP national councillor Andrea Gmür (54). But also to Expand the network to 15 mandates in the area of the Possible. If, as Benedikt Würth (51, CVP) is expected in may, the FDP Council of States seat of Karin Keller-collared Sutter and councillor Othmar Reichmuth (55) in Schwyz, you can take advantage of the good starting position.

The arg-stricken CVP, which want to replace the Greens in the national Council as the fourth-strongest power, could rise so Stöckli for the sole strongest force. Could! The FDP has, if everything goes ideal, with the potential for up to 15 seats. The battle for the lead in the Stöckli is launched.