Could sweep humanity the asteroid 1998 OR2

Flying to the Earth asteroid is more dangerous to mankind than the coronavirus. This was stated by the experts of the “Center for planetary protection.”

According to scientists, the danger may be a space object called “1998 OR2”, which will fly at a distance of 6.3 million kilometers from Earth on April 29.

— If you will fall to Earth asteroid of this size, all these problems that we have now with the coronavirus, would have faded. This is the only natural threats that could wipe humanity in the blink of an eye, — said the Director of the “Center for planetary protection” Anatoly Zaitsev.

The scientist stressed that the decline of this cosmic body to Earth can cause a tsunami or cause a nuclear winter effect.

Now, however, the asteroid poses no danger to the planet. But his re-emergence, which predicts 2070-80 years, may become a global problem for the whole world, Zaitsev said in an interview with “NSN”.