the Period we are in has made this year’s easter extra special.

While several people have responded to the prohibition to sleep in a cabin in a another municipality, other local restrictions gone so far as to prohibit the departure from the municipality in the week of easter .

It has forced the norwegians to think creatively. In the Lofoten islands had Øistein Waage Johansen yoga with 22 goats, the people in the quarantine have attempted noughts and crosses with dogs, and Alta, the family has set up vinterhagestue with a bar and faucet in the garden as a replacement for the cabin.

And when the nightlife and pubs have had to close, some in desperation have gone to great lengths to find replacements.

In a driveway in the village Vassbotnfjell in Saltdal in Nordland there is now a 14 square meters large snøhule.

unlike most other snow caves and skavler, it contains this alcohol, pelt, dogs and laughing people.

The village has about 30 inhabitants, hinder them not from having gained its first pub at easter.

– We had to have the hjemmepåske in the year – of course. Therefore, we found out that instead of being so negative as we had rather do something fun out of it. So when we built a pub on the 14 square meters of the family, ” says Lise Ailin Rosvoll Berntzen.

the Family has received pub in the driveway.

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It is her husband, Christian and father-in-law Christian Lorentzen who has taken spadene embark in lack of other places to stay in easter.

I started only the tiller and started small. We had no plan, but when we first got us into snøskavlen then it was only to continue. It is cozier to sit in a snøhule than to sit inside all the time, ” says Berntzen.

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Inside, it is decked out with reindeer skin and light. The pub is about the size of a caravan interior.

Christian Rosvoll Berntzen estimate that there is space for up to 20 to 25 people in the 14 square meters large hula.

But because of the korona-restrictions is there a max of five in the family who get to go on the pub at a time.

– So it is said, “it’s how many personalities each one takes with themselves,” he says slyly.

He estimates that they have spent between ten and twelve hours on the project, and think it is well worth the hours.

– We use that rule to travel to Sweden on the ice fishing or be on the mountain this easter. But this year, there are alternative easter, and it is the nicest easter we have had so far – without a doubt.

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Published by NRK Nordland Tuesday 7. april 2020

Snøskavler not only offers snow caves. They also provide some challenges:

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Published by NRK Nordland Wednesday 18. march 2020