People’s artist of Russia Tatyana Vasilyeva, which was recently identified coronavirus infection, said, as do patients with COVID-19 by ambulance to the emergency Department of the hospital.

last night, Philip and Lisa convinced me to get a CT scan. I called an ambulance and went to the hospital. And then I realized the full extent of the pandemic. Hospitals are overcrowded! An ambulance I waited for 8 hours, then another 4 hours waiting for the CT results. The doctors are working non-stop. Cough in the hospital is deafening, — said Tatiana Vasilieva on her page on Instagram.

The actress also said that doctors diagnosed her with double pneumonia. Signs of illness began with a temperature of 37.5–37.8 C, then cough and burning eyes.

Earlier wrote that Tatiana Vasilyeva refused hospitalization and decided to be treated at home.