The mountain is calling – and the spectators: the Last Friday of the “SRF bi de Lüt”evergreen “cottage stories” went in the ninth round and broke a record. Almost half of all the Swiss who had turned on the TV, followed as a family, Arnold leads the weissmies hut (2726 meters above sea level). In the fascinating images they saw Carla (37) with their children Gian (9) and Ladina (8), Packed with food, increases its idyllic hostel, where her husband Roberto (43) is already fully in use.

A life in bleakness – that fascinates. Carla Arnold explains a VIEW of how the family came to the Job. “We met in a hut – Roberto was a mountain guide, I worked as a help.” Later, they were looking for a cabin, which allowed the children to visit in valley school. “Roberto, the mountain world of Saas knows the basic of VS, of his home, as his pants bag. As the weissmies hut was put out to tender in 2017 then, it was clear that we are not applying for it,” she says.

kids will appreciate this life

The spectators will see, how the children with the father to build a bridge over icy base, instead of hanging on the phone. “Gian and Ladina learn the love of the mountains and to work. But also, sometimes you have to give something up and still live a happy life may lead,” says Carla Arnold. In the Winter you could Ski to school and in the summer time on a mountain tour. “Can’t each child, and appreciate you, too.”

all of the spectators “hut stories of love” (now again at 20.05 PM on SRF 1). Tourism expert Jürg Stettler notes a Trend to alpinism and mountain magic. “There is a strong Revival of the classic Hiking is palpable,” he says. This will be funded by the Outdoor industry – equipment and clothing appeared increasingly in the city. The lecturer at the University of Lucerne also detects a return to more Nature-centeredness and simplicity. “Our society is always looking for new community experiences and meetings – moments, which can offer the stylish cottage life in the great mass,” he says.

Not only Idyll

Nevertheless, even if the number was a 45 percent market share in the first episode a Hit – the cottage life is not only idyllic. Carla Arnold: “The greatest challenge is the organization of life and Work at the cottage and in the village. The children have to get up at 5.30 am to get to school on time. And I am also working as a secondary school teacher in Saas-Grund. During this time, Roberto is with the employee alone in the hut. With a lot of flexibility, we bring everything under one hat.”