Hüttenkese is not only delicious, but also has some advantages. U.S. researchers were even able to show that this food helps with weight loss. 30 minutes before bedtime cheese to eat, has a Cup-grained, fresh, apparently, positive effects on muscle recovery and metabolism.

How healthy cottage cheese is?

So the hut is full of cheese, so Protein and Vitamin B12. 18 percent of the recommended daily requirement of calcium and 48 percent of the recommended daily requirement of phosphorus can cover with the cheese. 100 grams of the granular curd cheese to have only 72 calories and only contain fat a gram. And as he would not only be low in fat and healthy, you can do magic with the cottage cheese also.

nutritional values and vitamins 100 g Kalorien72 kcalEiweiss13 gFett1 gKohlenhydrate3 gVitamin B33.011 µgVitamin B121 µgNatrium380 mgMagnesium6 mgPhosphor150 mgKalium86 mgKalzium68 mg The best Snack for in-Between

especially as a Snack in between the wonders is the food. You dip carrots and cucumbers in the cheese and spice up your healthy vegetables. You should not be to the taste of its own intense enough, you can adjust the seasoning, of course, to taste, a little pepper is often sufficient.

Also, for Breakfast, cottage cheese makes a good. You use him as a classic cheese spread on whole-grain bread and you miss the Butter or fat cream cheese. With a couple of fruits, some honey and chopped nuts start healthy and rich in energy in the day – especially thanks to the many proteins make you full longer. For those who like hearty, decorated his hut-cheese-bread with Cherry tomato slices. Now, a little freshly ground pepper, and the delicious Breakfast bread!

cottage cheese can also be used for dessert use – whether in a cheesecake or Mousse-Alternative! For the latter, you mix just the cheese with honey and cocoa – delicious! Those who want it in the Dessert rather fruity, had cottage cheese with Cantaloupe recommended melon. For this, you hollow out the Inside of the melon and a filling instead of the cheese – a perfect combination that saturates still. (CM)

hungry before bedtime? Experts recommend in the evening to eat anything more: This recommendation might soon belong to the past. When the stomach growls, it cannot be but some sort of Snack but cottage cheese.

Who would like to run the eighth of his character, does not renounce completely on the Snacking. Who nibbles throughout the day in between and, therefore, Ensure the line power, the following Snacks are taken to heart. In the case of these Snacks, you may access without any concerns.