Cosmetic company Johnson & Johnson withdraw from the sale means for lightening spots on the skin. About this newspaper The New York Times.

As explained in the company, studies and discussions in recent weeks have shown that the names and descriptions of some products Neutrogena and Clean & Clear light expose skin tone as more attractive. Some buyers have used such creams for skin lightening in General. It is noted that the products of this line Clean & Clear were available only in stores in the Middle East and India.

because of the growing popularity of the movement against racism in Western countries, many big companies decided to review its policy. So, PepsiCo is going to change the logo of the brand Aunt Jemima, which shows a smiling black woman.

Corporations that want to support the fight against racism, sometimes make mistakes in their policies. So, a number of large multinational companies has donated millions of dollars of the organization Black Lives Matter Foundation (“black Lives matter”), which was not associated with the same movement. It consists of only one person who said he plans to spend the money on liaise between the community and the police.