– we Meet at 15.00 at the store on Presnensky Shaft, 14, – strictly said Aliya Kocheshkova, coordinator of the project “Volunteer doctors” who joined forces with the Russian popular front, to help seniors all over the country. You can recognize them by the red jackets with the inscription “Volunteer doctors”. A day at each of the 400 volunteers who signed up in urban assistants, about two delivery. To a single address are sent, usually by two people. “One Thrifty lady immediately ordered 12 pounds of potatoes, one with the burden, not cope, had to take his car to deliver the order,” says volunteer Daniel Shestakov.

Photo: Arkady Kolybasov/WG Older Russians will not be penalized for violation of the regime of self-isolation

the shop volunteers necessarily treat the hands with an antiseptic, put on gloves and masks. In the list that asked to buy Lidia Dementieva all the Essentials – bread, “borscheva set”, milk, cereal, tea and juices. Almost 700 rubles. The cost of the order, by the way, the volunteers calculate in advance, based on prices from the Internet and check prices, go to the store and buy food for their money. After the delivery of the pensioners transferred them the money on the card or give cash in hand.

in Front of the entrance of volunteers called the pensioner and said floor and apartment number to leave packages at the door. Elderly Muscovites are strangers, do not open, are not so much the virus, how many scams. So I prefer to pick up products after the departure of the volunteers. But Lydia Vasilevny was only cash, so she had to open to volunteers. “Here’s a check, buy here, has not yet found buckwheat and soda,” he reported alia. The pensioner was upset and thanked the volunteers, because she lives alone and no one to help her. As a gift to grandma volunteers handed a pack of masks, in case you have to leave on urgent business.

a day At each of the 400 volunteers who signed up in urban assistants, about two delivery

requests for help from elderly Muscovites arrive at a single “hot line” 8 (800) 200-34-11. All the wishes of the operators are entered into a single database that is available and the city welfare Department. Volunteers get requests for delivery of products and over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin or paracetamol, and to the social protection serves requests to pay bills, clean the apartment, remove the garbage or walk the dog.

Elderly Muscovites will help with the heating of summer houses with coal and wood

“I’m very familiar with the work I have 8 years of doing volunteer work,” says alia. Help people the girl combines with his studies at the Moscow state medical stomatological University. A. I. Evdokimov. “In 12 years began to help the veteran with whom I became friends, and visited him almost every day after school for 1.5 years, continues the girl. – Cook for him, washing, cleaning around the house, and he shared with me memories of the great Patriotic war. So the story I know not from books, but from the mouth of the beholder. When he died, I realized that social workers do not always have time to help everyone, so he remained in the ranks of the volunteers.”

By the way, the “hot line” or website мывместе2020.Russia all interested young people can offer their support and to volunteer. With those connected to volunteer work, conversations held by the representatives of Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of health. Tell us all about the virus and prevention. And, of course, before each departure, the guys check their health conditions.