professional tennis players is not going on the gravel this spring. The sport is tied to 7. June.

All the tennis tournaments in the ATP and WTA framework is suspended up to 7. June.

It must notify the WTA on its website.

the Decision has been made as a result of the worldwide coronaviruskrise, which has caused a host of cancellations and postponements in the sports world.

This affects not only the greatest tournaments, but also lower-ranked tournaments on the challenger and ITF-level.

– The challenges, as Covid-19-pandemic provides professional tennis, requires greater cooperation than ever in tennisverdenen, it sounds in the message.

Wednesday’s decision entails that the whole grussæsonen will be stricken from the calendar.

Right now is the plan, to tennissæsonen to resume 8. June, where the tournaments at græsunderlag begins.