It can be a begivenhedsfattig month for the Danish royal family. In any case, if the number of cancellations due to the fear of the coronavirus continues.

on Monday it emerged that Thursday’s torchlight procession at Fredensborg, each year featuring queen Margrethe welcome at the castle, has been cancelled. And now another event with royal attendance shall be brought to the list of cancellations.

Saturday’s event at the rigmanden and Lego owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansens stud farm Blue Hors has also been cancelled. It is apparent from the royal and Blue Hors’ website.

It was otherwise supposed to the hesteglade princess Benedikte to attend a paradressur competition at the stud, but it has coronavirussen put a stop to.

‘the Authorities’ udmeldning about the cancellation of large events with many participants has also meant that our para-dressage competition, not race as planned this weekend,’ writes the stud on its website.

Here it appears also that both the Parasport Denmark and Vejle Municipality supports the decision.

the Blue Hors eventchef, Christian Struck, regrets the decision:

“It is too bad of a cancellation, as many paraatleter has trained targeted towards this competition and looked forward to the big meet, where some of the world’s best riders were signed up,” he says on the website.

B. T. has asked the royal family’s communications department, whether it can confirm that it is the fear of the coronavirus, which has led to the event, as princess Benedikte participate in, has been cancelled. The royal family does not want to comment on the matter.

B. T. would like to hear how the royal family relates to the last days of corona-news. It wants the royal family’s communications department also did not answer, but refers to the response that you gave to B. T. Friday:

“the Royal family follows as all other development and relate to the authorities’ recommendations in relation to the covid-19,” stated the royal family’s communications department at the time.

the Answer came after princess Benedikte, which have recently vikarieret a part as the regent in the Queen’s absence, visited Herlufsholm School in næstved, denmark.

Here the princess does not hand out to the attendees due to the smitsommne virus.

“the Crown has not established a policy not to hand, but in relation to the authorities’ guidelines, it is of course up to each individual to assess what further precautions you want to take,” explained the royal family.

It has not been possible to ascertain from the family whether there are other royal events, which is in danger of being canceled.

the Fear of coronaviruses, however, has not only affected the Danish royal family.

In Sweden, the royal calendar largely cleared for travel abroad in march. Only a single trip, where the crown princess Victoria must to Monaco at the end of march, are disclosed.

in Addition, the Swedish monarchy 4. march to cancel a major dinner for 150 guests at the castle in Stockholm as a result of the corona virus.

In England takes the crown, however, apparently, the situation with calmness. The 93-year-old queen Elizabeth has, in fact, according to the Daily Mail, insisted on to maintain peace and carry out its duties. However, the aging monarch has been forced to cancel its garden parties in may, if the situation worsens, writes the british media.