There is a decrease in the dead compared to the previous day, where the 743 was reported dead in Italy.

The last day is 683 died in Italy in connection with the coronasmitten, informs the government on Wednesday. Thus a total of 7505 died.

This is a decrease compared to the previous day, where the 743 was reported dead.

Italy is the country in the world, which right now is the hardest hit by the Covid-19, which is the disease, coronavirus triggers.

There is great attention on the trend, which can be traced in the figures.

The total number of registered infected is increased to 74.386 against the previous 69.176.

the Head of the government agency for civil protection, Angelo Borrelli, is not even present to present the numbers.

He was forced Wednesday to withdraw with a fever, after being tested as one of the many who is affected by the coronavirus.

Of the many who have been infected in Italy, 9362 reported completely healthy again.

3489 persons are hospitalized in the intensive care unit. The talk was on Tuesday 3396 persons.

The hardest hit region of Lombardy in northern Italy. Here reported on Wednesday about a significant decrease in the number of deaths compared with the day before.

But the situation remains critical, with a combined total 4474 died.

The highest number of deaths in Italy within a day was reported Saturday with 793 died. It fell on Sunday to 650 dead and 602 on Monday, before the figure once again took a leap upward with 743 died on Tuesday.

And so the new figures on Wednesday, which says 683 dead.

most of Italy is shut down completely, and the economic consequences of the huge health crisis is very serious.

Prime minister Giuseppe Conte announces in a speech in parliament new help for the struggling Italian companies.

He also asks the EU to take completely new initiatives, which will demonstrate to citizens and financial markets to stand together to solve the crisis.

– Only joint political action will bring the eurozone back on the growth track, he believes.