Coronavirus will hit the Russian and world economies

the Russian and world economy suffer losses due to the coronavirus, said in the chamber. While the extent is difficult to determine, but if the epidemic will handle it quickly, the negative effects will be able to eliminate. Otherwise, the damage from stalled trade and transport flows will be significant.

For the economy of Russia, the epidemic has resulted in a reduction of trade turnover with China in January-November, its volume reached $100 million, 16.5% of the total foreign trade turnover of Russia. While oil drops, 27 January Urals fell by 5%. In the financial markets increased volatility, this may lead to the adjustment of stock market indices, reports TASS.

Simultaneously, the losses shown by the reports of the companies for the beginning of 2020. In Amenity Analytics has created a system that tracks the impact of coronavirus on financial performance. About the damage said 421 of the organization.

the Most serious losses -the company Yum China, which controls China’s eateries KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

About the damage said Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, Capri Holdings and Estee Lauder.

February 5, Adidas announced that they close some stores in China.

with the Coronavirus fell ill for 35 thousand people, his victims were more than 800.