go the first week of The prescribed contact lock and the extensive Shutdowns in Germany is just over, as more and more critics see their hour had come. To bring their own point of view in terms of Corona pandemic among people.

their message, in short: The measures to contain the Coronavirus were completely covered.

So, among other things, the immunologist Stefan Hockertz argued in a radio show and came to the conclusion: “The policy response is disproportionate.” Since panic will stoked and with sledgehammer to crack a nut shot, finally, Sars-CoV-2 is also not more dangerous than the flu virus.

compared with the flu

flu, again and again, the comparison between Covid-19 and the flu. On one hand this is understandable. Because of a flu, everybody can imagine something.

we colloquially often something quite Different. If we are a few days in bed with a fever and cough and runny nose plagued, say, usually, I have a flu.

But this is medically not true of the flu seen. The real flu is called Influenza and is not within a few days. Whom an Influenza caught, it is much longer really bad.

is the real Problem: The comparison between Covid-19 and the flu is lagging tremendously.

Critical difference between flu and Covid-19

Not only because it is against Influenza, a vaccine and also medications that, taken early, can alleviate the symptoms.

It brings for the containment of the rampant Coronavirus, nothing, disease, to compare trends (which are similar, according to the experts) to each other, or in each case, the number of Infected and dead are mutually offset.

Because the essential difference between the flu and Covid-19 missing one. And exactly this difference is Central to ensuring that public life in Germany was nearly completely down.

(That this is economically a terrible disaster and the consequences must necessarily be attenuated, is out of the question, but on a different sheet.)

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“what are we so afraid of?”

“what are WE that we are in the er and in the hospital at the Front (since about 2 weeks, on the verge of exhaustion) so afraid of?”

As the doctor, Michael J. Horn, who works in a clinic in Zwickau, in the emergency room put it in an emotional Post on Facebook.

frustration over a “hobby doctors and would-immunologists”

written, Apparently out of frustration about the “Amateur physicians, Amateur Epidemologen, would-be immunologist and sofa bed specialists,” which is now more with the Argument around the corner: Corona is not worse than a flu.

the new Virus Is in a point just yet. This point is the time:. The period in which it comes to a large number of diseases.

“Influenza, the forest, and pointed to the flu, is a year about 6 months between October and March, with continuous illnesses, recoveries, and deaths,” writes the city doctor Michael J. Horn.

6 months can make a huge difference

just these 6 months make a big difference. The flu is in our latitudes, a classic Winter illness. The majority of patients is between October and March flat.

6 months – from the point of view of emergency physicians, the fight currently the life of the Corona-patients, a downright luxurious long period of time.

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Because if the number of cases spread over six months, this gives the physician the opportunity to distribute their capacity. Work, the beds, the technical equipment on the intensive care units.

Although even in normal flu-winters, the Doctors in the hospitals again and again for seriously ill flu patients provide. But the sick, not as now, in the worst case, when the Coronavirus – all at once.

What would bring a relatively well-functioning health system, such as the German to its limits.

“We’re talking about the collapse of the clinics,”

“The Coronavirus within a short period of time to a rapid increase in the Infected, even the seriously ill and the patients have to be ventilated. We are talking here of a week or two,“ writes Michael J. Horn. “We’re talking about the collapse of the clinics within a short period of time.”

The sounds in the abstract. But what could this mean in concrete terms, illustrates the top physician of the Heinrich-Braun-Klinikum Zwickau, with a simple calculation, the example of his home city:

First of all, the number of patients seen – statistically – probably with the Coronavirus will infect. Background the estimation of virologists that 40 to 60 percent of the people are infected.

More of the Coronavirus

Too little, too little ventilation devices

Therefore, must Zwickau in the district, where around 300,000 people live, with about 150,000 Corona-patients are expected. Around 15,000 (10 percent) of developing of which is estimated to hard and need to be treated in the hospital.

But the 15,000 patients, only about 2000 beds in the four hospitals in the County. The are 13,000 beds to be little, if in the worst case, all at the same time or in a timely manner must be treated.

it Is also considered that, according to experts, about one percent of the Corona-patient suffer a respiratory failure and, therefore, respiration must be, to get to 1500 patients.

1500 patients, whose Survival depends on it, you may have a ventilation device is available. However, of these devices, there are, according to Michael J. Horn in the Zwickauer clinics “maybe 100, maybe 200, more less”.

In any case, not nearly enough.

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“Even if we manage to double the number of beds, we could only treat a fraction of the sick,” writes Michael J. Horn.

Not to mention all the other patients that also need to be supplied with no corona virus in their lung cells that are in intensive care and also ventilated.

Because, of course, there is also during the corona of crisis, people who have a serious traffic accident, a stroke or heart attack suffer. Every day, in the whole of Germany. To you you think is currently far too rare.

for these reasons, virologists – and advised politicians to have issued – the foreign exchange: We need to stretch the number of disease cases over a long period of time.

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And because the Coronavirus is particularly easily and particularly quickly from person to person, it must be prevented that too many people connecting at once.

Already, the number of people Infected in Germany, and within a few weeks on 67.051 (Stand: 31. March 2020, Johns Hopkins University) climbed. 541 people in this country died of Covid-19.

Therefore, the contact of the Shutdown lock, so.

Worse than any flu, winter

So it is not in Germany to terrible situations like we see now on TV pictures, from completely overloaded hospitals in the North of Italy, Madrid, or New York.

Also, this is an absolute exceptional situation. Worse than any flu the winter of the past few years.

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