The pressure on Switzerland and the Federal office for health (BAG) is increasing: According to a number of European countries, including Germany and Austria, the USA pulls a u-turn in the protective mask out of the question.

are dashes After on Thursday, the two Californian cities Los Angeles and San Diego, after moved the Federal government in Washington on Friday. In daily Corona-Update-US President Donald Trump (73) announced that the American health authority CDC recommends that, effective immediately, the Wearing of face masks in the public space. “But we don’t want people to wear medical protective masks,” noted Trump. The recommendation relating to masks made of cloth that you can make at home. Professional masks should be left to medical personnel.

It is a 180-degree turn, which pulls the US government in terms of protection masks full. Trump follows the advice of his expert group to Top virologist Anthony Fauci (79) and Ex-military doctor, Deborah Birx (64). So far, the health authority CDC healthy people advised without symptoms explicitly not to Wear masks.

Trump want to not wear the mask

For confusion Trumps made statements to the Wearing of a protective mask in the subsequent question and answer session send. The US President has decided not to follow the recommendation of its own health authority. “I’m not going to wear a protective mask,” he said. Then he took explaining: “I’m sitting in the Oval Office, behind this beautiful Resolute Desk. I meet as presidents, Prime Ministers, dictators, kings, Queens – I don’t know, somehow I see it for myself.”

After all: The US President and his Vice, Mike Pence (60) to be protected by new measures from the Coronavirus, such as from a communication from the Friday show. The White house wants to reduce the risk of infection of the two most important political office holders in the country. Therefore the new “any Person”, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Trump or Pence will be on Covid-19 tested. This should also be determined whether the persons concerned be deceiving, perhaps the highly contagious Virus without showing symptoms.

U.S. government reassured people without health insurance

During the daily Corona-Updates on Friday, Vice-President Mike Pence also announced good news for the roughly 30 million Americans currently living without health insurance. The government would have to fear “ensure” that no one prior to any treatment of costs in connection with the Coronavirus. “We’ll take care of the bills,” he promised. When Trump was asked about whether or not this promise also applies to the estimated eleven million Illegal in the United States, he replied: “we’ll cover that later.”

will Be moved to the presidential elections?

another theme of the forthcoming US elections in November were. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, several Federal States had to move their primaries. Trump was asked on Friday whether you could move the election date. The US-President wants to know anything, though: “The election is on 3. November to take place.”

A postponement of the presidential elections is hardly conceivable. The election date is set by law. So a Change would be through the U.S. Congress is necessary, the addition may be before the courts of appeal. In addition, it would win on this road just a few weeks. Because the more time plan is even written into the Constitution, and thus even more rigid: the start date for the new Congress on 3. January and the inauguration of the President on 20. January.

So many Dead in 24 hours

Overshadowed by the be cases, such policy issues currently, from the steadily rising death in connection with Covid-19. On Friday the number of Dead rose in the country to over 7000. Within 24 hours, of 1419 new death cases were reported – as many as never before. No other country is affected by the Coronavirus in such a way as the USA: On Friday evening, over 276’000 cases were already known.