so Far, the rule applied in the case of the Swiss: it Is cancelled a flight, get back to travel agents money. Now: Is cancelled a flight to the travel agencies a request for a refund. It takes up to 15 minutes, depending on the ticket. Worse for the trip the office-holder Until the money is paid out, several months are likely to pass, such as various Affected say opposite VIEW.

The travel agents and their customers are the Horned. You will have to wait until the money starts rolling in again. And, in the case of bankruptcy their claims are treated as subordinated. Means: you stay in the worst case, on open invoices sitting.

An example: Ruedi Ellenberger (59) since the 80s, the travel Agency Acapa with four agencies. His customers demand their money back for cancelled Tickets. That is your right.

Air China makes fast

Ellenberger has no choice: He must pass on the Directive of the Swiss and other Airlines. He needs to tell his customers that he will currently be eligible for any refund. Ellenberger asks his customers to understand. “Fortunately, a lot of customers are reasonable,” he says.

Second example: A trader from the Zurich area. Turnover: almost 1.5 million Swiss francs on a monthly basis. Half of ticket sales. Of these, nearly two-thirds are, in turn, to the Swiss and other companies in the Lufthansa group. Is called below-the-line: The entrepreneur sells each month, Lufthansa-Tickets for 500’000 Swiss francs.

Many of these Tickets are currently useless. The flight will not take place. The customers demand their money back. That puts the entrepreneurs themselves in distress. He points to another example of the air travel: Air China. The state Airline has informed on Thursday that all flights up to 3. May are deleted. The money for the Tickets will be refunded If returned.