The Coronavirus has the Swiss economy in a stranglehold. Already with the previous measures to contain the Corona of a pandemic, the economy loses per month, more than a fifth of their value added. This corresponds to according to a study by the think tank Avenir Suisse of 12 billion Swiss francs. The biggest decline of the major service sector, three-quarters of suffers to the total value added.

Here most of the about 480’000 employees, for which short-time work was logged on to work – in the guest of the hotel industry, the retail trade (excluding food) industry, in art and entertainment.

a deep mark behind the corona of crisis, but also in the industrial sector. The Swiss industrial companies are part of the global value chain, are already since the factory closures in China under pressure. Tax you have to search for alternative suppliers and poking more and more on demand and transport problems.

breast-feeding measures as a last resort,

Despite the already drastic provides the economy, according to Federal councillor Guy Parmelin (60) “still 70 to 80 percent of their power”. Month-to-month run, according to Avenir-Suisse-Director and co-author Peter green fields (52) currently on short-time working costs in the amount of 7.1 billion Swiss francs. In addition, the Thousands of companies in financial trouble currently have a monthly liquidity needs by almost 5 billion Swiss francs.

it is Not the blow to the economy is present if, as in the Ticino, all the companies need to make outside the areas of food and health, the bulkheads sealing. Although Minister of the economy Parmelin is confronted again and again with companies, the sanitation and clearance rules are not able to comply with. However, he stressed yesterday: “closures are a last resort.”


Nevertheless, the spectre of a complete shutdown remains latent. The devastating economic impact has been calculated by Avenir Suisse: a comprehensive Shutdown after the Italian model, the monthly value added of Switzerland, with a break to 30 billion Swiss francs. On an annualised basis this would equate to a reduction of more than half of all Swiss Goods and services produced. These Figures are based on conservative assumptions, the think tank.

The Dilemma: The predictable economic consequence of downtime costs of positive effects for health and society face – the unbezifferbare value of human life. The study authors say: “The prohibition of any non-essential production should be from state political reasons, the “Ultima Ratio” and the additional benefit compared to all the other possible measures to clear more.”

Economists in this country this year, expect a recession. Raiffeisen expects a decline of 0.2 percent. Raiffeisen-Chef Heinz Huber says of the VIEW: “The recent developments with the drastic measures taken in Europe to contain the pandemic, suggest that the decline could be even greater.” A “temporary” recession is inevitable.