The football Association of the Zurich Region (FVRZ) has informed in a Letter from the football clubs, such as the game operation in the Amateur could go on. “Even when health aspects would stand in front of all sporting aspects in the foreground, have you given thought to how the game is operating in the current season could go,” writes the FVRZ.

Here, you have to comply with the requirements of the Federal government, the Canton and the Swiss football Association (SFV), which seeks a uniform solution for the whole of Switzerland.

Currently, these three scenarios are in the room:

The championship can be carried out with restrictions. The fancy games would be rescheduled. With the exception of the games of the Junior women and Junior men. Since only the remaining games would be played. The Cuprunden would be in accordance with the held about the plan.

The championship could not be carried out. All set/ be able to existing games/training games will be played. With this approach, would be spared to play the Clubs with the Scheduling of training, if you ever want to unsubscribe games. There are no ascenders, no Descenders. The Cup matches were carried out with the new game data. Tournaments (e.g. Grümpel/club tournaments) could be carried out.

Then no championship games, no Cup matches and no tournaments could be carried out more.