the Capital Region is now ready to test both the patients and staff of the coronavirus in a much higher degree than so far.

It happens after the new National guidelines, which on Wednesday was changed to that of the goal nationwide is to be able to carry out at least 5,000 tests a day.

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (S), international architects in the Region of the Capital, said:

“We can now look at our inventory, that we have tests enough to offer up to 2,500 a day for about two weeks. At the same time, we now look more positively on the supply of tests in the future. Among other things, because we have a good cooperation with universities and the private sector. Therefore, we can now test much more than in the past,” she says in a press release.

The significant increase in testing capacity in the capital case, therefore already from today, Thursday.

The new strategy in the Capital Region means that there can now be offered tests to far more patients. Also those who are not hospitalized.

“It is hugely uncomfortable to walk around at home without knowing whether you are infected and potentially pose a risk to its surroundings. Especially if you have vulnerable and elderly people in his close entourage. We can now provide safety for many of them, that is passed around in the dark for several weeks,” says Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.

B. T. has, through The secretariat and the press office had contact to the deputy director Per Jørgensen, who is the regional spokesperson on the total test capacity of corona for the entire country.

Late Thursday afternoon the status is that the data from all the five regions have been collected, but due to time constraints have not yet had the opportunity to form a unified overview, information.

There are supposed to be reported to talk about the testing capacity of the whole country on Friday morning.