Swiss Life comes to commercial tenants. New the life insurer is granted to small enterprises and self-employed workers is also a Metzinsreduktion, if you are affected by the Federal Council’s measures to address the Coronavirus crisis.

so Far, Swiss Life had offered only Rent deferrals. “With the possibility of Micro-enterprises, upon application, to adopt the rent temporarily, we hope, to make a further contribution,” said a chief Investment officer Stefan Mächler in a Wednesday published in the Communiqué.

A Team of specialists to care in individual cases, the Details of explains Swiss Life. Each request would be examined.

giant of the Immo-sector

of The insurance group is one of the largest owners of real estate of Switzerland. According to Livit, a 100% subsidiary of Swiss Life, has Swiss Life even the largest real estate Portfolio in the country.

The group buys year in and year houses. Several hundred million Swiss francs is the cost of the Expansion. For headlines, a transaction made recently by billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, and the tug-of-war to the now-closed Manor store in Zurich.

The concrete type of gold, many insurance companies in the crisis, is under pressure as a landlord and the policy of the signatories. The latter also deals with the insurance Ombudsman. Since mid-March, the wires run in to him, the else is only in the world of insurance known, hot.

Helvetia moved to

the insurance group Helvetia is Required. “Since the days of the numerous applications of business, a meeting of tenants on support”, as stated by the company from St. Gallen. Small businesses and the self-employed are at risk due to the Corona pandemic in their existence. “Therefore, Helvetia has decided to support affected tenants in this Phase, in addition to financially.”

The focus is on those companies that had to close due to regulatory arrangement your business. A deferral of the rent is not sufficient often. To help the Farms, waived, Helvetia, therefore, “on a portion of the rent”.

The procedure is the same as Swiss Life. “Helvetia is additional to Rental deferrals on an individual Basis, rent-free periods and rent reductions. Agreements will be made without acknowledgement of a legal obligation, specific to the industry and on the financial Situation of the individual company voted”, say it in a message from Wednesday. Reminders when premiums are stopped until the end of June. Damage payments are immediately settled. (ise)

Here is the help for SMEs

hits The Corona-crisis the Swiss economy, especially SMEs. Shops, Restaurants, Salons, museums and many more establishments have to temporarily close their doors. Many people see their life’s work in danger, don’t know how it goes, existence and fears-wide. Now quick, pragmatic and creative help is needed. The views of the group to contribute their part and supports as a cooperation partner of the Raiffeisen Initiative of the local On the free, non-profit Crowdfunding platform, the heroes can temporarily under all SMEs and local commercial projects intrude, and vouchers for the period after Corona or donations. Thus, short-term liquidity can be bridged loss problems and turnover. SMEs are the backbone of the Swiss economy, it remains strong.