you are for six years in the VW Bus on the road and traveling through America. The Zurich-based Globetrotter, Andreas Hutter (41) and wife Pamela Hutter-Bianchini (33) planned to drive over to San Francisco and Los Angeles in the direction of Mexico. The Corona-crisis has, however, made a dash through the bill. You are stuck until Further notice in Burbank in the state of California, how to tell VIEW. “For us, it goes well. We came with our dog Kalea longtime friends, and may provisionally stay in your guest room,” says Andreas Hutter.

Before that, the Couple was in Seattle with friends, to bring your Bus back in shape, before they headed South. “The pop-up roof of the VW bus had to be completely renovated. Our soon to be six year-long trip around the world in all climate zones has added to the roof on the outside pretty good,” said the Zurich.

After a few weeks in Seattle, it was the end of February further South. Listened to “this time, we from the Coronavirus in China, and shortly thereafter in Italy. In the US, but that was hardly an issue,” says Pamela Hutter-Bianchini. From the first Coronavirus cases in the state of Washington, the Zurich, have come to know in San Francisco.

Aggravated situation within the shortest period of time

On the way to Los Angeles, the Zurich covered your travel plans thoroughly and have also taken a trip home in Switzerland into consideration. From your friends in Mexico, you have to know that the Coronavirus is also arrived there.

the goal of Mexico was completed. In the meantime, the borders are there also. Within a week, have worsened the Corona Situation in the USA, enormous, President Trump have played down the situation too long to explain in Zurich.

“it was An immediate trip home for us with the dog and the Bus is not easy. For shipping, we need to be there in person. We could not rise, therefore, simply in an aircraft and on time departures,” says Andreas Hutter.

contact EDA

Hutters have reported to the Federal Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA) for advice. Not least, because your visa for the United States on Tuesday and set to expire. The Zurich-based Couple has made it a balancing of interests and decided to stay in the United States with his friends.

“There are more urgent cases of people in Switzerland, such as, for example, Stranded from South America, which need the last return flights. We do not belong to a risk group, protect us, keep our distance and stay at home with our friends. Here we feel quite safe and will have to wait until the situation calms down,” says Pamela Hutter.

queues in front of the weapons shop

For the couple, the health comes first. Everything else you will deal with it later. Only for a short shopping in the nearby shops or for a short dog round the Couple goes out of the house.

“In the stores, the Situation is probably similar to that in Switzerland. There are some things missing in the meantime. But we have everything we need.” What is it that makes the Swiss, but more Worried as the Coronavirus, the increasing arms purchases in the United States. The wife: “The queues in front of the weapon shops, which makes us a queasy feeling.”


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

measures against Coronavirus

The Federal Council ranks at 16. In March, the Situation in Switzerland according to a new extraordinary location epidemic law. It allows the Federal Council, in all the cantons of uniform measures to be arranged. Previously, he has informed the cantons on this step. From the age of 17. March, at midnight, the following rules apply:

Public and private events are prohibited.All the shops, Restaurants and Bars are up on the 19. April 2020 closed.The same applies to entertainment and leisure establishments such as museums, libraries, cinemas, concert and theatre houses, sports centres, swimming pools and ski resorts are closed. Likewise, plants are being closed, in which the
keep a safe distance cannot be maintained, such as hairdressing salons or cosmetic studios.Except under others food stores and the health facilities.The supply of the entire population with food, medicines and Goods of daily use is assured: There are plenty of created supplies.Food shops, Take-aways, staff canteens, delivery services for meals and pharmacies will remain open, as will gas stations, railway stations, banks, post offices, Hotels, public administration and social facilities.Also workshops for the means of transport can remain open.Entry into Switzerland is drastically restricted to the boundary, introduced controls.To support the cantons in the hospitals, in terms of logistics and in the area of security, the Federal Council has approved the use of up to 8000 members of the army. The civil protection is offered.The Federal Council continues to call on all citizens: “keep your distance can save lives!”The Federal Council dispensed with for the time being lock to a General output. The spread of the Coronavirus is from the curb, he has tightened rules for the contact. Groups of more than five passenger buses of 100 Swiss francs per Person threaten.Employers in the construction industry and in the industry are also required, the recommendations of the Federal government to Hygiene and to the distance to keep. Companies that do not comply should be closed.The economy gets more money: With 32 billion Swiss francs, the Federal Council decides on probably the biggest economic stimulus package of Swiss history. A total of about 40 billion francs are available.