Coronavirus: speculators cashing in on the construction of respirators

the inflated prices of medical masks. Our correspondent has passed on pharmacies and find out if there willing to make a coronavirus.

the Cost of routine disposable medical masks is increasing exponentially. In Lipetsk has increased seven times, in almost 10 Chita, Kursk, 35. But it seems little in comparison with Dagestan, where the prices of the medical goods rose by 650 percent.

“When such overestimation occurs on the background of an emergency, we believe it is economic looting. Will act as looters, using all the measures of Antimonopoly regulation. We conduct this work in the continuous mode, — said the Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia Andrey tsarikovskiy. With Roszdravnadzor and local administrations we are continuously holding meetings, they practically turned into headquarters. We will immediately initiate the antitrust case as soon as we detect such overstatement”.

Prices for the masks are not regulated, and therefore amid the panic and the huge demand for proposals retail not worth it. Purchase masks individually in many regions of the country anymore, but people willingly take sets of three, five and even 50 units. What determines the growth of prices, hard to understand, pharmacy network nod in the direction of manufacturer, in the direction of the pharmacy chains. In fact, both those and others are cashing in on human fear.

In Chelyabinsk masks give for 81 rubles for three pieces against the old price of 1.5 rubles per one. Not far behind, and Moscow. On the site of one of the largest shopping Internet sites three pieces sold for 199 rubles, and 50 — for two and a half thousand. The color of the mask to protect from the virus is not affected, but are colored counterparts expensive – almost 200 million rubles. But at least they are in stock, while in the far East mask just ended.

But because where to buy a medical mask is impossible, the purchaser giving in to the hysteria around a potential epidemic that runs behind the masks of Strojalnymi. Here the seller is also seen to have found a gold mine. Search query “medical mask” in the top of the found sentences, along with usual surgical masks are displayed immediately used in the mixing of paints and masks-respirators with a charcoal filter for the paint work.

“anyone who advertises construction respirators, just wants to cash in on the panic, for the virus is laughter” — says the therapist-immunologist, doctor of medical Sciences Vladislav Zhemchugov.

Particle panic, apparently, even less, to protect her from not even a gas mask.