The Coronavirus has the North of Italy in a stranglehold. More than 8215 people have already died, 80 539 infected, and an end to this Situation in sight. Now the South of the country is afraid to be so hard by the Virus.

The consequences would be even more devastating, because the poorer South of Italy is even worse for such a crisis as the rich North.

▶︎ In open letter on the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Vincenzo De Luca, President of the Campania Region, complains that the government is to send your promise, ventilators and life-saving Equipment, has not kept.

“at the moment, it looks as if the tragedy of the Lombardy would be the tragedy of the South,” wrote De Luca. “We are facing a large-scale spread of infections that will be unstoppable.”

On Thursday, the Prime Minster, Conte told the Italian Senate that the whole of Europe “is hard, solid” hit by a recession after the Corona-crisis that “will require extraordinary and unusual measures”. Analysts predict Italy the most severe recession, which has seen the country for generations.