Coronavirus sick of every 20th resident of Wuhan

the Number of cases as a result of infection by the coronavirus, has exceeded 40 thousand people. Died 908. The data provided by the state Committee of health of China. The virus already broke the record for deaths from similar diseases. The number of victims has already exceeded the total death toll from middle East respiratory syndrome and SARS.

hundreds of patients and dozens of hours without anything to eat and relax. These are the everyday experiences of Chinese physicians in the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Authorities in the rush to build the hospital, and they instantly filled. Only in the cases of China has more than 40 thousand people. Researcher Adam Kucharski forecasts are not comforting. According to him, the peak of the epidemic yet to come, by the time the infected will be every 20th resident of Wuhan.

Not saved from infection and the doctors themselves. Among the dead was Vielen. He worked at the Central hospital of Wuhan, and was one of the first to sound the alarm about the unknown coronavirus. January 11, the doctor cough and high temperature. He later reported that the infection was confirmed.

“the Director of the hospital said my son was in a stable condition. Couldn’t get out of bed, but could have. His condition suddenly worsened two days ago. We don’t know why. We rarely contacted him because he knew that he was tired. Of course, I was worried about his sick son. I sent him a message, but they were very short,” says the mother If Varlena Liu Swung.

the mother of the deceased in tears read out the last message from my son. According to the woman, she was not able to see him after the doctor was among the infected.

“We were not allowed to sit in the car, which was carrying the body of my son. We were told that we can get. We went to the emergency room, but they did not allow us to look inside. At the funeral we couldn’t even get one last look at our son.”

the epicenter of infection — Central Hubei province — was sent to over 10,000 physicians. A to save lives of their compatriots left at home for their families. Time to communicate with them is almost there. Children of doctors remains nothing how to record for his parents ‘ video message: “I’ll be sure to study well, and when you grow up as you are going to benefit the Homeland.””Don’t worry about me. Take care to protect yourself while you help patients. Mom, I love you. Hang in there. Really looking forward and hope that you will come back home safely”. “Dad, hold on. Be careful. I missed you. Love you.”

the feat of the doctors in China don’t forget. Local media group produced a special television show. Six leading read poems with stories of people in the country who are struggling with the epidemic.

meanwhile, the work of doctors does not pass in vain. Recovered more than 3 thousand people. According to the state Committee of China on public health, coronavirus begins to take positions. The speed of its spread in the provinces of China falls. To fight the virus join other countries. The who, China has sent a group of experts to study the situation. And the United States will spend to fight the disease in almost 70 million dollars.