New case COVID-19 revealed and confirmed by doctors in Wuhan, China. Thus, in the city worsened the epidemiological situation: for a long time there were no new patients. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the health Committee of Hubei province.

We know that now identified, the patient is in serious condition.

In addition, per day throughout Hubei have identified 17 new asymptomatic carriers of the virus. All of them 616.

During the epidemic in the province has recorded 68 129 cases (50 334 – Wuhan), 4 512 people died.

In China over the past day showed 14 new cases of infection with coronavirus and 20 asymptomatic carriers, 74 patients were cured, there were no lethal outcomes.

The Chinese authorities do not include in the statistics of asymptomatic carriers who have positive tests for the virus, but no symptoms. Were there new cases in Wuhan asymptomatic carrier, which showed signs of COVID-19, not specified.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that in Wuhan officially resumed classes students.