This crisis will not go unnoticed by us…

The economy Lars field, Achim Truger, and Volker Wieland, expected this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic with the most serious economic downturn in Germany since the financial crisis in 2009. But what does all this mean for our Jobs, wages, Rent or own homes?

▶︎ The gross domestic product is expected to fall by 2.8 percent, according to the base scenario of the German Advisory Council on the assessment of the overall economic development.

▶︎ But: 2021 then it should be a strong recovery of 3.7 percent.

How many Jobs are in danger?

The economy is anticipating a increase in the number of unemployed to about 125 000 in this year. The unemployment rate’s staircase and then to 5.3 per cent (2019: 5.0 percent). The number of employed persons is likely to fall to 20 000.

The good news: “in Spite of the sudden economic collapse through the Corona of a pandemic are likely to try many employers first to keep your employees in the operation,” said the experts. “This will facilitate the rapid restoration of full operational readiness, as soon as the precautionary measures to be reduced, and the consumer demand increases.”