In his old age, he belongs to the risk group. In 2010, he was suffering from pneumonia. And now this! Prince Charles (71) has tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed the has officially. He had only mild symptoms and was otherwise in good health, it said. His wife Camilla (72) is negative to have been tested. Charles and Camilla are now in Self-Isolation at your country residence, Birkhall, not far from Balmoral castle in Scotland. First, the TV channel “ITV” via Charles’ Corona had reported results.

Prince Charles makes the Namaste greeting photo: Aaron Chown / dpa

Where is the Royal became infected is not known. But: Prince Albert of Monaco (62) has already been tested last week, a positive effect on the Virus. Charles and Albert were sitting at an Event, the on 10. March in a Packed conference room in the cultural centre, Kings Place, instead of to found. You should, however, have actually had no closer contact.

in Spite of the Corona-crisis had seen Charles in the recent weeks, we continue to have public dates, however, he tried always to avoid closer social contact. To shake instead of hands, greeted Charles with the so-called Namaste greeting. It together places the palms in front of chest and bow head slightly.