Coronavirus opposed to tourism: 10 countries that will suffer the most

the Spread of coronavirus has a serious impact on various sectors of the economy, not only in China but also in neighbouring countries.

among other things, we are talking about tourism which will be affected by the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government to halt the spread of the virus. In addition, the situation in China will greatly affect the countries that have become the favorite tourist destination for Chinese, especially for the wealthy Chinese, who are used to spend a lot of money during travel.

the Rating Agency Hurun has published the results of studies of the Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey, in which experts called the favorite tourist destinations for wealthy Chinese.

Foreign analysts believe that these areas in the very near future will experience a negative impact due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the reduction of tourist flow.

Below we will talk about these areas in more detail.

10. Dubai

Closes the top ten of the Dubai world centre shopping. Here you can buy almost everything, and the rich Chinese to spend money to buy.

9. UK

the UK was in ninth place among the most popular tourist destinations among wealthy Chinese. Experts note that not only the coronavirus could undermine the tourism industry in the country, but also the uncertainty associated with the British exit from the EU.

7. Australia and New Zealand

Seventh place was shared by just two countries – Australia and New Zealand. The Chinese make up the bulk of tourists in these countries, which is due primarily to geographical proximity. In addition, New Zealand has become one of the two most popular countries among wealthy Chinese women.

6. Italy

Italy is famous not only for its rich cultural and sightseeing program, but also its cuisine and opportunities for fun. This makes Italy a popular tourist destination among tourists from different countries of the world. If we talk about China, when Italy was one of the two most popular countries for wealthy Chinese women.

5. USA

Despite complicated relations between the two countries, the United States remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for wealthy Chinese.

4. France

France in recent years, holds the palm among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. They come here not only Chinese, but also representatives of other countries. Nevertheless, it is wealthy Chinese are likely to spend considerable sums of money, which makes them welcome in any country.

3. The Maldives

the Maldives is the world’s largest “coral” state. Beaches of extraordinary beauty, high level of service, beautiful nature and the opportunity to break from the routine – all this attracts wealthy Chinese.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland has become one of the favorite destinations of wealthy Chinese women. This is one of the most popular luxury destinations for tourist visits not only among the Chinese but also among the rich from other countries.

1. Japan

the first year, Japan remains the most popular tourist destination for the wealthy Chinese. Rich excursion program, and virtually unlimited shopping opportunities attract rich people from China.