to survive As long as viruses such as the Coronavirus on the smartphone display, is unclear. According to the experts, other virus types have been discovered in part, even after several days on materials such as glass. As you touch constantly with his hands, keyboards, or Screens, are these cymbals in any case, a catch-all for germs, bacteria, dirt and also viruses. Cleaning is recommended on a regular basis, not only because of the Coronavirus.

to damage But how to do that without the thousand francs of expensive Smartphone, or the even more expensive Laptop? GLANCE has searched for the best tips and Tricks together.

The Smartphone manufacturers have now switched their own help pages. Apple refers to the request from the VIEW to the area “Your iPhone clean”. Samsung also has similar information in planning. These are the most important notes that apply to all water-resistant Smartphones.

to clean the phone properly disinfectant allowed:
With a micro-fiber cloth with 70% alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) for the disinfection, you can clean the outer sides of the smartphone carefully. A Disinfectant wipe is possible. Important: The liquid is not on the device tilting, or syringes, but on the cloth.

The power of the phone:
do Not use bleach, no liquid in the Openings and not in a cleaning agent diving.

do Not use glass cleaner:
Such cleaners and other caustic cleaning agents can cause damage to the duration of the top, fat-repellent layer. Better pure alcohol with no additives. Be careful also in the case of aggressive disinfectant sprays for the sanitary area.

No cleaning agents use only a soft, damp cloth, not fuselt. If the Phone is water resistant, you can use in case of heavy soiling, warm, soapy water.

power wait:
the phone for the cleaning off. To the current conclude, if all the connections are safe dry. Caution: do Not use compressed air or a hair dryer to use.

What if phone does not tolerate water?
Cheaper or older mobile phones are not often water. Nevertheless, you can clean it with a slightly damp cloth to very carefully. Specifically, you have to be careful with the connectors and the Slot for memory cards and SIM card.

special tip films:
Who has a protection foil on the Screen, not only protects the screen from scratches, but also allows for easier Cleaning. Glass cleaner such as foils can’t hurt. And what keyboard is with the Laptop?

Modern smart phones are not waterproof, Laptops, PC keyboards and mice, but usually. Important: devices prior to Cleaning switch off, unplug, and if present, remove the batteries. It is also important here: liquids directly to the device syringe, but on the cloth.

upside down and shake vigorously, so the larger particles fall out. Also a can of compressed air can help with coarser dirt. Since you do not come with a micro fiber cloth on the sides of the keys, it is better, with a cotton swab and disinfect cleaning alcohol every single button. You can remove the buttons, these can be separately cleaned and, after Drying, re-pressurization. Before but take a photo so you know which key goes where.

With a micro fiber cloth and cleaning alcohol, the surfaces wipe, if necessary, wells thoroughly with a cotton swab descendants. Before commissioning of dry well.

special case of a laptop keyboard :
here, Too, you can gently shake out the dirt, then with a micro-fiber cloth, cotton swabs, and disinfection means of the keys clean. You just have to be even more careful that no liquid gets into the Interior. With the vacuum cleaner, you should not handle by the way, is usually too strong.

warning in the case of alcohol, and Displays:
Many computer screens do not tolerate cleaning products with alcohol. The Displays have protective films that can be damaged. In the case of pure alcohol, the recommendations are different. A damp cloth should be enough for normal screens. In the case of touch screens, the same rules apply as in the case of Smartphones. Coronavirus

The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

I Have the corona virus or just the flu?

The Coronavirus spreads further – also in Switzerland. Especially in the flu season, you can assess for yourself whether one is ill with the Coronavirus, or whether you just have an ordinary flu. The differences are subtle, but they exist. VIEWS is defined.