Again bad news from Italy: After it looked like the situation was turning for the Better, increases the number of Infected since Thursday. As the authorities notify, had increased the number of Infected from Wednesday to Thursday, from 74’386 80’539. In addition, had fallen in just 24 hours of 662 people with the disease to the victim.

The worst: more and more Doctors and nurses are dying out, such as “Corriere della Sera” reported. The list of names of the deceased Doctors is getting longer and longer. These will be published on a Website, which is listed by the National Federation of Physicians and dentist of the order in sorrow. Until Wednesday evening, there were 41 people. The number of Coronavirus-infected health care workers has already risen to 6205. This was 9 percent of the total number of the Infected.

At the Front

they all put the lives of their patients before their own. Your only goal: to save lives. The first doctor who fell in Italy, the Virus to the victim, was Roberto Stella (67), who was also President of the doctors of the order of Varese. Also Gino Fasoli (73) lost his life to lung disease. For his age, he made an incredible commitment: He returned from Africa, around to the Front to return and to help his colleagues.

the Doctor Vincenza Amato from Bergamo died at the age of 68 years due to the Coronavirus. “Enza has put the interests of others always before your own. She was generous and always there for everyone,” says her brother, Roberto the paper. Vincenza is the only Doctor who was ill during work. The Italian woman left behind a husband and three children. The Saddest thing: Vincenza was in her last year of work. “Only a few more months and then you would have to focus on the family,” says her brother.

“The Virus has taken you from us”

The youngest among the Victims is Ivano Garzena from Turin, of the arbitration with only 49 years of age because of the Coronavirus from the life. The dentist is described as a man with inexhaustible energy. The Italians left his Baby and his wife Simona.

the family of the doctors Gaetano Autore (69) loses him to the lung disease. Gaetano family doctor and a coroner was. He worked in a practice in Naples. His daughter Cristina wrote: “dad, you put the health of others before your own. Until the very last Moment you worked as a doctor and that will be the greatest passion of their lives. In just one week, you took away the Virus to us. Without giving us time to understand that, or to not realize you’re there.” (dzc)


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

protection against Coronavirus

recommendations of the Federal office for health, how you can protect yourself:

wash your hands
Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use a Hand sanitizer.

Not Sneezing into hands, sneeze
or cough in a handkerchief; or if you have none, in the bend of your elbow.

handkerchiefs correctly
paper handkerchiefs to dispose of, should be disposed of after use in a closed waste bin. the contact minimize
Avoid contact with people who have difficulty breathing or a cough.

to Avoid larger gatherings of people, such as sporting events or public transportation. To remain as home to the “most important thing of All is up to date”, so that more and more people are infected. You should go only in exceptional cases, Outside.

everything is possible, delivery at home.

no welcome kiss, no hugs, no shaking hands. And always a distance of one Meter to keep.

stay Informed
please Observe the local directives and recommendations. Strictly to the rules and announcements of the authorities. “Who is healthy, and informed, remains in 99 percent of cases, healthy.”

info lines Coronavirus
For the population: 058 463 00 00
For travelers: 058 464 44 88
available: 24 hours a Day when should you to the doctor?
don’t Go any more in case of symptoms (difficulty breathing, cough, or fever) in the Public and immediately contact – first by phone, a Doctor, a doctor or a health care facility.

The Situation will continue until Further notice. Those who feel themselves safe and healthy and, therefore, to the front of the storm, risking to prolong the condition. Therefore, peace preserved, and the thing in common to serve. (SDA)

I Have the corona virus or just the flu?

The Coronavirus spreads further – also in Switzerland. Especially in the flu season, you can assess for yourself whether one is ill with the Coronavirus, or whether you just have an ordinary flu. The differences are subtle, but they exist. VIEWS is defined.