The United States reported since Thursday evening, as the world’s most Corona cases. For the first time, more of China is not on the sad tip.

As is clear from the Overview the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore were counted as Infected in the United States 82 404 Corona. 1178 people there died of the Virus.

US President Donald Trump (73) told journalists in the White house, the high number of confirmed infections in the United States lies in the fact that in the country as many Tests would be carried out. In other countries, such as China, you do not know what are the real Numbers. Experts believe that there are many a lot more infections than previously by testing have been confirmed.

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic to the year, China led the list. There 81 782 cases were, according to Johns Hopkins University so far reported, including 3291 deaths.

The highest death toll of Italy complained. 8215 people have died of the Coronavirus. According to the Johns Hopkins University 43 646 Corona were counted in Germany so far, infections and 262 deaths.