In may of this year, the fashion industry has become the leading cause of death in 5644 cases and indirect in 1530 cases. In 1800 cases, final data on the role of the virus in the causes of death have not yet been prepared. Also, the coronavirus was diagnosed, but did not become a factor in the death of a man in 3478 cases.In may of this year in Russia killed 12 452 people, diagnosed with coronavirus. This was stated by the head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov. “The coronavirus has become a major cause of death in 5644 cases is confirmed by primary cause of death. Coronavirus is the main cause of death, but has not yet completed all the tests for another 1800 cases. Other cause of death, where the coronavirus has influenced her approach is 1530 occasions. Finally, the coronavirus was diagnosed, but had no effect on the approach of death is 3478 cases,”— said the head of Rosstat.As follows from the data of Rosstat, as in April, in the districts more coronavirus deaths in may was recorded in the regions of Central Federal district. Most of them is in Moscow and the Moscow region. In the North-West Federal district a place of concentration of deaths was made by St. Petersburg.The mortality, according to Pavel Malkov, grew up in 55 subjects, the highest increase recorded in the regions, which first collided with the coronavirus. He also stressed that in terms of coronavirus and isolation for Rosstat has greatly complicated the collection of information. “Now in terms of coronavirus people sometimes postpone their trip to the registry office. And part of the Registrar runs in a restricted mode. Because of this, data about death and birth, selected regions, Rosstat comes in late. The full picture of deaths we have in the regions where registration of death is compulsory in the registry office for the (Commission.— “B”) burial. In some regions, no such requirements and there information can come with a delay,”— said Mr. Malkov. He noted that the most accurate and complete data will be published by the end of 2020.Anastasia Manuylova